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 Satoru the Owl Summon

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PostSubject: Satoru the Owl Summon   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:39 pm

b]Name:[/b] Satoru
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Height: 2 feet 1 Inch
Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Race: Snowy Owl
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Body: Owl

Level/Rank: Minor
Type: Solo Summon
Contract: Tattoo on Summoner's left hand
Main/Favored Weapon: Talons
Element: Wind
Fighting Type/Style:
Starting Inventory:N/A

Personality: He likes to take his time before making a decision. He prefers to evaluate situations before making his decisions, but should anyone attack his summoner, then all hell breaks loose. He is very territorial when it comes to his master and has no problem dispatching enemies should they threaten him. He hates it when people other than Raiden stroke his feathers. Has one of the iciest glares you will ever see. Most people upon seeing him tend to divert their eyes because of the looks thrown their way.

Kekkei Genkai: N/A

Jutsus: 1

Name:Wind Scythe Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-rank
Requirements: Wind Release, fan or wings
Range: Short to Mid range
Description: By freely manipulating the gale brought forth by the flapping of wings or a fan, the many air currents collide and create vacuum pockets. The person enveloped by this gale is assaulted by countless invisible blades, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet.

Background: Satoru was born 9 years ago. He grew up among other owls, although because of his white feathers he was branded as different, as all the other owls were brown. Satoru grew to be a thick-skinned animal, after his early years of being mocked. He never let anything get through. When he turned five, he was chosen as a potential summons for Raiden by Minoru when Raiden was 11 to keep him company. Minoru had a contract with them at the time and was looking for a partner for his adopted son. He had stood among all the other owls, although because of their attitude toward him, he was at the end of the line and then ten feet away from the next in line. Minoru saw him standing away and walked over to him, to the outrage of the other owls, but he didn't care. Seeing how lonely he was, he was instantly reminded of Raiden and chose Satoru then and there to be his son's summons animal. The two got off to a bad start when Raiden decided to stroke him, and Satoru pecking his hand rather painfully. But over time they grew closer together, and when Minoru died they were inseparable. Neither will allow the other to be alone for long, because each fears the other will vanish and turn them back to the way they were before they met each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Satoru the Owl Summon   Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:30 pm

This is Approved.


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Satoru the Owl Summon
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