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 Summon/Pet template

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PostSubject: Summon/Pet template   Summon/Pet template Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:50 am



Race: What kind of creature it is.

(The following three fields are to be copied for summon profiles ONLY)
Level/Rank: Is it a boss, minor or major summon? Shinobi of D-rank can only have minor summons, while bosses are only available to A-rank and higher shinobi. Summons only. (All pets are the same rank as their owner)
Type: Is it a group summon or a solo summon? Summons only.
Contract: Which contract is required to summon this creature? Link required. Summons only.

Main/Favored Weapon:
Element: Boss=2, Others=1
Fighting Type/Style: Bosses get 4 points, others get only 3
Starting Inventory: Pets can only have specialy designed custom items


Kekkai Genkai: Minor Summons and Major Summons may have 1 and Boss summons may have 2 (The except being those from canon, all of which cannot be used by summons)

Jutsus: Boss class summons can have 5 jutsus, all others 2, however minor summons are also limited to B rank jutsus. To perform jutsus which require hand seals, the summon must have the hands (or something similar) to form the seals. You don't have to post custom jutsus for your summon separately. A summon can also have jutsus of the type "special" - this means they are closely related to its nature and can be performed only by this kind of creature. The rank of these jutsus is not limited by the fighting styles you picked.
Pets can have 3 jutsus at E-rank and one for each rank above E, plus an additional one at SS rank (for a total of 10 at SS rank). Their owner must form hand seals for them to be able to use jutsus requiring it.







[b]Main/Favored Weapon: [/b]
[b]Fighting Type/Style:[/b]
[b]Starting Inventory:[/b]


[b]Kekkei Genkai:[/b]


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Summon/Pet template
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