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 Shinobi Template (Read Before Creating!)

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PostSubject: Shinobi Template (Read Before Creating!)   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:48 am

Shinobi Template

Please, for the love of everything that is good and right within the world. Read the template over, learn what must be posted. And if your curious, just ask an admin xD Now go have some fun tiger!

Name: Your characters name, this doesn't have to be Japanese
Alias: (Not required)
Age: Your characters age
Gender: Your characters gender Male, female or uh.. something else
Height: Your characters height
Weight: Your characters weight

Appearance: Put general description here. Pictures can be used, but at least a little text is required
Race: Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Black or any other definitions you like to go by
Hair: Hair color and style
Eyes: Eye color and maybe distinctive features
Body: Build type, such as athletic, and so on
Ethnicity: Which country in the Naruto world does your character come from?

Personality: How does your character act? Socially, Alone, anything and everything else.

Village: What village you are in, for missing ninja it is classified as none
Title: Your village rank. For village ranks, it's genin, chuunin, jounin or Kage; naturally, there is only one Kage per village and the starting one is genin.
Special Titles: These are unique titles you can gain from your kage or by other means, leave this blank for now.
Missing Ninja Class:For missing-nin ranks,it's E through SS class missing-nin; the starting one is E-class. Leave this field blank if you are not a missing ninja.

    Karma: Measured from 200 to -200, this is received based on missions, and other things done, so for now mark it as 0
    Alignment: you start out with True Neutral, unless you PM a mod with a request for a different title.
    Renown: Renown is how well your character is known, (It starts at 0)

Rank: Your Shinobi strength ranking, starts as E-rank.
Experience Points: Starts at 0
Bloodline: If your character has a bloodline or not, if not leave this as None or N/A
Element: You begin with 1 Element: Suiton (Water), Katon (Fire), Doton (Earth), Futon (Wind), or Raiton (Lightning).
Fighting Style: See Fighting styles
Sub Fighting Style: See same topic as in the fighting style section above.
Inventory: See the weapons scroll for the basic canon weapons. For ranks of what weapons what characters can use the ranks are as follows:
E-D rank: E-C rank weapons
C-B rank: E-B rank weapons
A rank: E-A rank weapons
S-rank: E-S rank weapons

Kekkai Genkai: Kekkai Genkai your character possesses. These must be applied for/made/trained before being put within this section.

Combat Styles: Combat Styles are special styles one may use to fight. Drunken Fist is an example

Bloodline Limits: Any Kekkai Genkai given by your blood line that are unique to that bloodline.

Jutsu Total: How many Jutsu your character knows
Jutsus: For information on learning jutsu read the rules for learning them located in the Guide-sama

Missions Completed: The number of missions you character has completed according to rank:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

Background: At Least 10 Lines, Not Sentences. This section should be periodically updated with the summary of what happened with your character in the RP


[b]Alias: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]



[b]Special Titles:[/b]
[b]Missing Ninja Class:[/b]
[b]Experience Points:[/b]
[b]Fighting Type/Style:[/b]
[b]Sub Fighting style:[/b]
[b]Inventory: [/b]

[b]Kekkai Genkai:[/b]

[b]Combat Styles:[/b]

[b]Bloodline Limits:[/b]

[b]Jutsu Total:[/b]

[u][b]Missions Completed:[/b][/u]



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Shinobi Template (Read Before Creating!)
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