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 Equipment and Puppet templates

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

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PostSubject: Equipment and Puppet templates   Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:49 am

Description: Everything about this equipment, from style to what it does goes here.

Level: There are different levels for each equipment, and as such some can only be used by higher ranked Shinobi. E-Rank to D-Rank can only use up to C rank equipment, while C-B rank can use up to B rank equipment, while A rank can use up to A rank equipment, and S rank can use up to S ranked equipment.

Requirements: Could be anything, or None/ N/A
Picture of Equipment: (Not needed)


[b]Picture of Equipment:[/b]

Description: What it is and its appearance

Weapons: How many and what kinds of weapons does it carry? How are they used?
Devices: Everything that isn't a weapon but expands the puppet's abilities should go here

Rank: E through S; E through D rank characters can't use weapons higher than C rank; C and B rank characters can't use weapon higher than B rank; A and S rank characters can't use weapons higher than A rank
Other Requirements: What villages or anything else needed to use this puppet




[b]Other Requirements:[/b]
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Equipment and Puppet templates
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