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 Kekkei Genkai Limits

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PostSubject: Kekkei Genkai Limits   Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:01 am

Now to keep things all nice and fair here on NAS, there is a Kekkai Genkai limit in place, depending upon rank and such. This is as follows:

  • E-Rank: 1 Kekkei Genkai

  • D-Rank: 1 Kekkei Genkai

  • C-Rank: 2 Kekkei Genkai

  • B-Rank: 3 Kekkei Genkai

  • A-Rank: 4 Kekkei Genkai

  • S-Rank: 5 Kekkei Genkai

Also bloodline limits which while Kekkei Genkai, are part of a true blood tie, and thus do not count against the Kekkei Genkai limit, and may be taken along with additional KG's, unless the bloodline itself states otherwise.

In order to gain an Kekkei Genkai/Canon kinjutsu even ones made by another (Aka customs), you must request for it in the and have a mod/admin look over it. You do not need permission to learn your own Kekkei Genkai's.
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Kekkei Genkai Limits
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