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 Mission Procedures

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PostSubject: Mission Procedures   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:45 pm

Mission Procedures

Now as many know one of the jobs a ninja (If not the most important) is to perform, and complete missions. These missions range from walking a dog, to single handedly killing fifty some odd samurai body guards to then fight the S ranked villain with awesome powarz of death.

Regardless of what the mission entails, there are a few requirements that must be met, before even attempting it. These requirements will be listed below, and are divided into a grand total of three parts, these parts are as follows:

Mission Rank
There are five different ranks for missions, all of which reflect the difficulty of the mission that the ninja will be entering, and how much of a reward they will get.

  • D-Rank: The most basic of missions, mostly used to develop teamwork, or to show how someone can do simple tasks.

  • C-Rank: These are a little bit more challenging, but don’t expect too much of anything, as mostly bandits, and the like will be your opponents.

  • B-Rank: Now is where the real missions begin, as you have to perform more important task, and possibly fight against ninja, and the like, that and the pay is better.

  • A-Rank: Ever want to really do something worth your time? Well this is it, as these missions range from helping out in assassinations, to smuggling high value targets.

  • S-Rank: This is the big game, as these missions normally entail, overthrowing countries, killing off royalty, killing high level enemy ninja, and even infiltration into said enemy countries.

Mission Rewards, and requirements

These vary from mission to mission, but generally the main rewards of missions use the following chart below when being created, so expect these types of rewards from these levels of missions. These are as follows:

  • D-Rank: 5-10 Renown, Karma, +5 -5

  • C-Rank: 20-40 Renown, Karma, +15 -15

  • B-Rank: 60-100 Renown, Karma, +25 -25

  • A-Rank: 130-180 Renown, Karma, +45 -45

  • S-Rank: 210-300 Renown, Karma, +75 -75

Renown needed

A very loose, and scattered category, Renown needed for mission depends entirely on the mission being given, however the minimum requirement for the missions are listed below, and you should always be expected to meet these before attempted to take one on.

  • D-Rank: 0 Renown

  • C-Rank: 50 Renown

  • B-Rank: 200 Renown, or Chunin

  • A-Rank: 500 Renown, or Chunin

  • S-Rank: 1000 Renown, or Jounin/kage

Finally it is the job of all Kages to post up missions for their villages, and the requirements for each is that they must be of at least B rank, (As D-C ranks are generic, and can be done anywhere) or higher, and will then be village specific. This means that Missions of B rank or higher can only be done by ninja of the village that it is assigned to, unless it is stated otherwise, or is a plot mission.

However Kage’s and not the only ones who can make missions, and as such you can create a mission using the template below, and PM it to your Kage, and have them post it up for you, if they wish to have it approved.

Mission Name: The name of the mission
Client: who is requesting the mission
Mission Rank/Renown needed: What is the rank of the mission, and what amount of Renown is needed to do it.
Mission Description: what will happen in the mission (At least 3 lines)
Ninja needed: how many ninja are need to do the mission.
Karma (Gained or lost): the amount of karma gained in either the negative, or positive side of the bar.
Renown Earned: the amount of Renown earned on the mission
Other Requirements anything else needed to complete it.


[b]Mission Name:[/b] 
[b]Mission Rank/Renown needed:[/b]
[b]Mission Description:[/b]
[b]Ninja needed:[/b]
[b]Karma (Gained or lost):[/b]
[b]Renown Earned:[/b]
[b]EXP Earned:[/b]
[b]Other Requirements[/b]
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Mission Procedures
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