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 Rank Training System

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PostSubject: Rank Training System   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:41 pm

Training Rank:

Training Rank is the primary way of growing stronger in the Naruto Tensei RPG. One achieves a higher rank by gaining a specific amount of experience points by doing missions, having battles, and doing various other mod-watched events. After reaching a certain rank, the user cannot rank up any farther, but can continue getting any experience that they may want. After reaching that designated rank, the user may only rank up again by gaining a title up through exams or by the Kage of the village in which they are from. The exams are held every 2 months and are decided by an unbiased council of moderators and administrators to decide who did the best out of the group and who will go on to Chuunin (Or if they scored well enough, Special Jounin.) The Ranks and the required experiences are as followed.

  • E-Ranked: 0 Experience.
  • D-Ranked: 100 Experience.
  • *C-Ranked: 450 Experience.*
  • B-Ranked: 825 Experience.
  • *A-Ranked: 1100 Experience.*
  • S-Ranked: 1500 Experience.

Note: * ranks are ranks that require a exam/and or Title to reach the rank above it. (C-Rank require chuunin exams to reach B-Ranked etc.)

Additionally, taking exams can give you a small boost in experience depending on how well you did in the exams or whether or not you won your fights or passed certain rounds. This is given out at a moderators discretion.


When an RPC dies, the user may make another RPC with half of the experience and one title below (optional: They may make the RPC they just lost, but it will not have half of the jutsu it died with with the same rank penalties.). As well as losing rank, the users next RPC will be able to start with half of as many jutsu as the dead RPC had. If the original RPC had 30 Jutsu, then the new one will be able to auto-learn 15 jutsu of their choosing.
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Rank Training System
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