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 A Moment of Peace [Closed]

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PostSubject: A Moment of Peace [Closed]   Mon May 02, 2011 2:05 am

Ahira merely listened quietly. It was not her place to speak out unnecessarily. Not at this moment. While all the boys were yammering on, her keen amber eyes were spying out for traps and any other surprises that were sure to come their way. All they did was talk, talk, talk. And oh God, was Honmaru telling a story? She merely quipped a brow as the cage was lifted up and images were shown. Ahira pursed her lips together in thought, watching the images dance around lazily before her eyes. Silently she shoved Sanosuke to the left just as he was about to hit another trip wire, watching as Rokuro avoided the one to the right.

Gotta hand it to Demon Boy, she thought, tossing some of her bangs out of her eyes. He's serious about becoming the most powerful ninja in the world. The problem? He'd have to beat her to it if he was going to obtain such a thing. Ahira was determined to become the best - she would be the strongest ninja this world had ever seen. She would become a legend ...

... like the former Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.

They finally reached the gates of Iwagakure and were surprised at the vast expanse of forest and mountain that lay before them. Never before had Ahira seen so much green in her life. All she'd ever known were the sands of Suna Village - the buildings made of dirt and clay; the rainy season all but non-existent in her life. Lips parting slightly, her amber hues took in all the sights and sounds the village had to offer as the boys continued to talk amongst themselves. Glaring hotly as Sanosuke smacked her back, teasing her to get a move on and to stop "fuckin' around," she resisted the urge to rip the Mutt Face a new one as Honmaru gently patted her shoulders. Instantly she felt a wave of calm and even received a tight-lipped smirk from Rokuro.

Hishiro led them through the village, pointing out random things here and there before heading toward the Tsuchikage's mansion. Again, the power that permeated from the building almost stifled her. However, Ahira swallowed the lump in her throat and clutched her hands into tight fists - pushing herself to continue onward. Now was not the time to get weirded out by just how strong both the Earth Shadow and his ANBU captain were. No. They had resigned themselves to take on the mission and so now they would do what needed to be done.

They would accept the mission scroll, prep their gear accordingly, and head out first thing.

Once they had gained entrance into the mansion, the Genin who was guiding them led them up a winding staircase and then down a few more corridors. Here and there were several different ANBU stationed. Was the security measures necessary? It seemed a little overkill considering how much chakra seemed to be swelling off of the Earth Shadow. Did they just want to protect their leader that much? Had he done so much good for his people?

Was he ... someone to be admired?

Hishiro knocked a few times on the door, allowing them to gain access before gesturing for them to enter the Kage's office. There, on the other side of the desk, were the Tsuchikage and his ANBU standing off to his right side - the Tanuki mask still in place. However, after the door shut with a soft click behind them, the Earth Shadow took the time to remove his hat and revealed a handsome young man with jet hair and violet eyes on the other side. He steepled his fingers together, looking at the Suna Genin over his hands as a smirk slowly crept across his lips.

"Well now, I see you've arrived in one piece," he stated, his eyes moving to glance toward Hishiro. "Excellent work, Hishiro." Ahira could feel a cold sweat forming on her brow as his eyes returned to her comrades and her. Another moment of silence passed and then he allowed his hands to fall to the arms of his chair as he leaned back lazily, continuing to survey them - as though he were analyzing new recruits for something. "So tell me why it is you've come to Iwagakure? I know it is because of one of the missions I've posted, but what, pray tell, is the mission you are hoping to undertake?"

Ahira looked at her three companions and they, too, looked back at her. Did this mean that they acknowledged her, truly, to be the leader in this mission? Or were they all just waiting on her to say something because they knew that if they opened up their mouths, they would probably just get into even more trouble? Shaking her head for a moment, she cleared her throat and looked back at the Tsuchikage who was patiently waiting for his answer - the smirk on his face still present for the time being. "The assassination mission posted up from Kumogakure." Her response was to the point and her voice was steady - both of which she was grateful for. A jet brow rose slowly over one violet eye - a silent prompt from the Earth Shadow for her to continue. "I, Ahira Henshin, wish to undertake this mission with my team, to kill the possible rebel ninja in Kumogakure who is threatening to create an insurgency in the Raikage's land. Allow us to undertake this mission, Tsuchikage-sama."

Bowing her head low enough so she was no longer looking at the Kage, she couldn't help but wonder if she sounded like a fool. However, after another moment of silence passed, a laugh was heard from the Tsuchikage. Looking up swiftly, she blinked as the Earth Shadow applauded her. "Well, I must admit that you certainly do have spirit, young lady. You remind me of someone I knew from my own younger days." Watching him reach into the drawer, he pulled out a scroll and tossed it to Ahira who caught the item swiftly in her hands. She looked at the mission scroll before looking back at the Kage who gave her a nod of approval. "The mission details are in the scroll and it is to be carried out swiftly and silently. You mustn't raise suspicion and know that your own Kage or country will not be held responsible should you get caught sneaking into Kumogakure while undertaking this mission. I wish you the best of luck, young Genin of Suna." Looking to Hishiro, the boy immediately nodded as his Kage smiled to him. "I suggest that you take your time to resupply and rest here in Iwa and head out first thing in the morning. Hishiro will be your guide and help you with anything you need."

With that said, Ahira once again bowed and waited for Hishiro to lead them out and watched the Kage waving to them almost childishly as the door closed and he disappeared behind it. Exiting the mansion, she breathed a sigh of relief and let the mission scroll disappear into her bag before looking to her comrades and then to Hishiro. "Well, before we resupply, I suggest we check into an inn so we don't have to worry about there not being any vacancies later. Care to lead the way?"

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PostSubject: Re: A Moment of Peace [Closed]   Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:42 pm

Hishiro silently nodded at Ahira, looking at the other three companions as he took lead walking towards the door. For some strange reason Hishiro had doubts about the four of them, he wondered if a team of Genin with their personality set was even in a position to think that they could actually pull a mission like this off. Hishiro caught himself silently laughing at the thought mumbling-What a joke.- to himself as he looked behind at them from the corner of his eye. Sanosuke who's ears immediately twitched at the sound of Hishiro's voice rose one eyebrow as he crossed his arms calling out to the boy in a challenging manner. Hishiro who's hand was now on the doorknob turned his head to honor his call.
"What's your deal?..You got a problem with us taking on a mission like this?" Sanosuke asked as both Rokuro and Honmaru looked up and in the direction of Hishiro who now completely turned around placing his hands in his pockets. "Honestly..I have no problem with the plan of action that you four take, however..I find myself questioning how a member of the Akuni could possibly have any use in a mission like this." Hishiro smirked tauntingly as he looked over at Rokuro who had his hand behind him on the hilt of his sword almost as though he was on guard in case something was to go down.

"It is quite obvious why Rokuro would want the mission, he seems to have the highest killing intent among you four and Honmaru is of the Ashikaga...Miss Ahira also seems as though she has combat experience, but only you, Sanosuke Akuni..You seem to be the only one lacking the skill, tell me, When you get to Kumogakure what is your call to action?", Sanosuke cringed his teeth with a low growl of anger listening to Hishiro belittle him, sure he was not thinking that Sanosuke would be dead weight on the team? Honmaru looked over at Sanosuke who instantly returned his sight calming down slightly. "My call to action?..Maybe your not aware of the skill I possess, well then let me break it down for ya like this, You thought you caught me when we first met, but in actuality..I let you do that, just to see your skill, simply because of that I already know your skill.", as Sanosuke spoke Rokuro lightly smacked his own face with his palm shaking his head. Normally Rokuro would just let Sanosuke go off and glorify himself for hours however the statement he just made, Sano was going a little too far. Did he really think that Hishiro was going to believe that load? Sanosuke went on but ended up stopping when he noticed that Hishiro was no longer paying attention to what he was saying.
"You listening to me asshole?!" Sanosuke yelled as Hishiro gave him a sharp glare. "Honestly until you just yelled, I was not listening to you, what you speak is years beyond your level..You think by my minor attack, you could read me?" Hishiro responded coldly. Rokuro rose one eyebrow as he thought about the statement, "A minor attack?..No, that can't be right, that was enough to render Sano unconscious, is he serious?", Hishiro continued, "You should not speak so high and mighty..Who do you think you are to try and judge me?! I could have dropped you in a second back there, but lord Kuronuei would frown on a meaningless execution, what I hit you with was just enough to barely keep you conscious, I cannot even begin to tell you how hard is was to hold back..Ahira allow me to give you this piece of advice if I may, Sanosuke Akuni, will not live through this mission, when you depart to Kumo, return him to the village.". Sanosuke stood speechless as Hishiro walked out of the room leaving the door open for them to follow, Honmaru who approached Sanosuke placed his hand on his shoulder offering a warm smile to try and lighten his mood, however Rokuro who maintained a sharp glare on Hishiro instantly began walking in the direction wasting no time.

As they left the Tsuchikage's Manor Rokuro walked next to Ahira a little behind Hishiro with his hands in his pockets as Hishiro explained the location of the nearest supply store, he himself was going to escort them to the nearest Inn. Sanosuke walked in the back, just a little behind Honmaru who was behind Ahira and Rokuro and seemed to almost be sulking, trying to make sure his friend was alright Honmaru spoke out in a friendly manner, "No need to worry Sano, No one is going to die after all we have a pretty well balanced stable going for us". Sanosuke did not respond and looked at the dirt in deep though as he continued walking. "Ahira..I'll get the supplies..Meet up with you guys at the Inn.." Rokuro spoke nodding to Ahira before turning left and going in a different direction, as he was walking however his eyes shifted towards Sanosuke then over to Hishiro who was not even looking in his direction. Honmaru continued to make simple attempts to get Sanosuke in a talking mood but nothing seemed to be working.

After a few minutes Hishiro selected an Inn that seemed most accommodating to their needs, after leading them towards it he turned and looked at Ahira, "This is a perfect Inn one of the best in Iwagakure...I hope it is acceptable, this is also where I leave you all, best of luck on your mission tomorrow.". Hishiro bowed to them in respect and took his leave as Honmaru walked towards Ahira smiling in his usual friendly manner, "Shall I go on ahead and check us all in?", Sanosuke looked at the place that was selected and scoffed at the idea but allowed Ahira to make the call if she was ready for them to be checked in, normally Sanosuke would have been the one to jump at the chance to call a shot however his mind was elsewhere and he just wanted to get this night over with.

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A Moment of Peace [Closed]
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