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 Guide to Jinchūriki

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PostSubject: Guide to Jinchūriki   Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:54 am


Note: If you are making a Jinchūriki, please add
to your profile template, just under the Bloodline line, and put the name of your beast.

The Jinchūriki (人柱力; Literally meaning "Power of Human Sacrifice") are humans that have a tailed beast sealed within them. They exhibit extraordinary powers, and in some cases are more powerful than their tailed beasts, because they have the intelligence to use the beast's powers effectively.

Everybody knows the power of a Jinchūriki is very large, and in some cases character defining. Thus it is the will of the site they be aloud, under the condition's that one person will NEVER host for two Jinchūriki at any time, for any reason. The Ten-tails plot-line is gone within the site, and will be explained on the History page. Jinchūriki characters should consider themselves very lucky to have such, and a village must be protective of this power as others will surely seek it.

How to become a Jinchūriki:

1. You must create a new character, with no Bloodline.
2. You write into your history how the Jinchūriki was obtained, the struggles you had/have to deal with being a host, and how your relationship with the beast stems.
2. The Admins (Myself or Aizen) or the Co-Admin (PrincessChemical) will review your profile, and if we find it above par in every way, excellent in all conditions, you may be given the opportunity to become the Jinchūriki
4. The Admin will assign a post plot for you, and if you can obtain 10 points within a maximum of 10 posts, your character will be finalized and you will be added to the official Jinchūriki list.

All Jinchūriki are Canon. No Exceptions. You cannot apply to be a Jinchūriki if they are currently all taken, and if this conflicts with your character design we apologize, but you will need to remove the current host in order to proceed.

The Power of the Jinchūriki

So we've discussed becoming a Jinchūriki, now what you may ask are the advantages? We'll lets have a look. Each Jinchūriki has a set amount of tails, each tail activated adds a certain bonus.

Each Jinchūriki fully releases itself when there set amount of tails is reached, and each Jinchūriki has the same power level at full release. So lets look at the One Tail, and the Nine Tails.

One Tail:
- Fully Transforms with first Tail
- Easily Controlled

Nine Tails:
- 8 Tails Before Full Transformation
- Extremely Difficult to Control

Each Tail adds 25% of the users maximum Chakra, strength, and speed. to them, and a full transformation has a total of 250% Chakra, strength, and speed increase. So our friend the one tails doesn't get to hold on to his humanity long, but he can jump right into the drivers seat and smash with a huge power boost, meanwhile our Nine Tails can keep track of his actions and still gain power gradually.

Also, with every tail, the user can heal injuries faster. With one third of your tails active (or more if 1/3 isn't possible, like with the one or two tails), the user gains increased healing abilities. It takes 5 posts to heal damage cause by attacks higher than the user's rank, 3 posts for damage equal to their rank, 2 posts for 1 rank lower, and 1 post for everything lower than that.

Note: Once you have activated 50% or Half of your tails, they begin to active themselves once per post without your discretion. Know your limits!

Gaining Tails

Gaining a tail is an easy process, and believe it or not, the tails start at zero. The aura of Chakra with one tail is only a 10% boost, and when reaching 1 Tail it raises to 25% total. The tails are formed when a character has need for them (meaning you get to choose when), but a maximum of one tail can be gained per post. After fully transforming your character will have to fight inside themselves to regain control. The fully released beast is played by a moderator/admin/trainee until you have mastered it.


Mastering a Jinchūriki is only available to A-Rank and higher, the task will be to face the tailed beast in a 1v1 showdown once and for all. This kind of thread must be requested and a Moderator/Admin will RP your tailed beast. (You might die during your attempt) Once you have control when fully releasing your character will have control and thus you will RP it.

Upon mastering a Jinchuriki, the user gains one KG slot. This slot is to be filled with a custom Kekkei Genkai that is related directly to the Bijuu inside of them. The KG is to describe the bonuses and abilities the user gains while fully releasing their Bijuu, as well as gaining the ability to learn jutsu specific to your Bijuu and gaining full transformation into the Bijuu's original form with 100% control.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Jinchūriki   Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:37 am

Updated to add new bonuses
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Guide to Jinchūriki
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