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 Haruichiban (WIP)

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PostSubject: Haruichiban (WIP)   Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:16 pm

Bloodline Name: Haruichiban (春一番, first storm of spring)
Clan Name: Hitoare Clan
Leader: N/A
Village: Iwagakure (Largest Known Group)

Clan Description:
The Hitoare Clan is a bloodline long present in the Shinobi world, thought to be weaker than other bloodlines in previous generations these individuals held the power of the elements of a storm. Fuuton being the hurricane force winds, Suiton the rain and flood, and Raiton the thunder and lightning, these combined become the power of a Haruichiban. The power does come with a cost though, all members of the clan, and all those born to them are completely restricted to these elements, unable to learn or have nature in a separate manner ever.

Through the clan users become one with these powerful elements, becoming forces of great destruction, and ninja of great promise. It was in recent wars that the Hitoare underwent a near complete extermination, through a series of devilish backstabbing and traitorous maneuvers the clan was cast into a state of disrepair, nobody trusting anyone else, assassination becoming commonplace. Across the globe the bloodline began to dissipate. And so it has stayed for the most part to this day. The re-emergence of the clan has been localized to Iwagakure, a small assembly of families associated living in a few close-knit groups.

The fate of the small clan remains unseen.

Clan Traits/Characteristics:
The Hitoare hold no special physical attributes opposed to anything a regular human of the world would hold, they appear as regular as regular can be, unless they choose otherwise.

Bloodline Description:
The techniques used by those of the Haruichiban seem to come more as combination assaults in single techniques, than a brand new element altogether, though dreadfully powerful most of these techniques come with large chakra consumption. It was during the last great war that the Hitoare Clan developed the 'Stormhammer' which has proven to be the greatest of weapons for a member of the bloodline, similar to other elementally reinforced weapons the hammer takes of the attribute of its owner, but having three affinities leads to many more combat options.

When observed through special techniques, say one that allows the users vision to source Chakra, Haruichiban users are shown with a medley, they do not have a single solid state of elemental affinity, instead like the name suggests they flow within them all three of their elements simultaneously, a truly magnificent sight to behold through such manners.

Bloodline Limits:

Name: Sutoton (嵐の要素, Storm element)
Requirements: Born of the Haruichiban Blood, No Katon/Doton Affinity
Description: The Sutoton element is unique to the Haruichiban Bloodline, by combining the natures of Wind/Water/and Air, the user is capable of creating great clouds and techniques that host attributes from all of the above elements. Users extremely potent in the art of Sutoton are said capable of creating great beams of elemental power, as hot as lightning, forceful as the tide, and quick as the wind itself, though all of the clans techniques seem to respond well with whats known as a 'Stormhammer'.

Clan Field: Ninjutsu/Armed Taijutsu Users

Clan Jutsus:


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Haruichiban (WIP)
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