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 Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin

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PostSubject: Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin   Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:19 pm

Name:Shinya Hagane
Alias: "Shinya of the White Wind", "Ghost of the White"
Weight:167 lbs
Appearance:Holding the appearance of a half dead human, Shinya is seen possessing a number of physical traits rendering him a tad far from the norm. His skin, ice cold is that of a pale color seeming to get even more pale as the day enters night. Shinya's body is rather skinny and is rippled with stitches, in fact around his lower torso the stitches against his skin are mended so tightly that it seems as though Shinya is starved on a normal basis. His ribs and bones are very much visible from the outside in addition, because of his stitches in many places most notably on regions of his back nearing his spine, Shinya is forced to walk hunched over most of the time making him appear much shorter than his actual height.


The eyes of Shinya are Golden and cold almost like those of a dying man in addition to this signs of stress and fatigue are extremely noticeable on the face of Shinya. His lack of sleep caused him to develop shadowing bags under his eyes while the sides of his eyes look like they have been pulled almost as though he was forcing them never to close. Shinya spawns Grey hair as it's natural color which fades into a sky blue at the tips which fall onto his collarbone. With icy blue lips and a black tattoo ringed around his neck Shinya finishes his unique style with dark gloves and shagged baggy black pants. Remaining Shirtless normally he occasionally wears a dark coat which seems to act almost like a cape, remaining stationary on his shoulders due to his method of movement.
Ethnicity:Kumo no Kuni

Personality:Shinya is naturally a selfish individual with little to no regard for human life. His bitter hate towards everyone and everything has burned with him since his early youth. Shinya is ambitious and also will not hesitate to sacrifice anything, including loyalty and friends to satisfy his monetary wishes. He is easily aggravated but in fact a rather patient person, always perceptive and well informed, Shinya enjoys showing his opponents the degree of his thinking. He tends to develop a slightly cocky attitude however during battle with enemies often daring them to test his strategy. He thinks of himself superior to Shinobi in his respect and has a deep respect for art.

Special Titles:None
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:0
Fighting Type/Style:Ninjutsu Mastery
Sub Fighting style:Ninjutsu (Puppetry)

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline Limits:

Jutsu Total:3

Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

Background:The Hagane family of the Lightning country possess one of the most famous stories in the ninja world. The story of a boy forced to choose between the life of his best friend and hate of his father brought about the twisted tale that birthed a dying friend's legacy and a father's spite, a tale that is Shinya.
Born of the prestigious Hagane family, Shinya was entrusted with endless potential. Expected to master the famed Puppet Jutsu of the family as well as become the first in a thousand years to perfect the legendary White Moves of Hagane, Shinya was never one to slack off in his youth. Despite this serious upbringing, Shinya during his time at the academy was quite a friendly person, he placed the peace and stability of others first and seemed to always be the voice of reason among his peers. The Hagane household, known and praised worldwide for their development of legendary puppet Jutsu, have never held Shinya bound to his own country. Expecting him to find inspiration no matter where he traveled, he was often allowed to leave the land of Lightning on numerous occasions, to find this inspiration.

On his 9th birthday Shinya's outside trips took him to the land of water where he encountered an outcast with a rare lineage. A boy by the name of Shinto Kaguya, of the legendary Kaguya's of Kiri. It was almost like a strike of fate, the two boys, simply upon the exchange of words, became friends and felt as though they knew each other their entire lives. Both brought up by well known households and each expected to do something that the family would later be praised for, the comparison save a..few differences was almost mirror images of each other. Spending a few months in the land of Water, Shinya and Shinto grew to become close friends and in time, even best friends. It was perfect, a life of happiness without the pressure of his family behind him, it made Shinya never want to leave. But, as fate would smile grimly upon his happiness, the time came when the Hagane's would eventually frow wise to Shinya's newly found wish.

Sending a Hunter-Ninja by the name of Yu, to scout the whereabout of the young heir, He managed to spy on the two friends after a miniature mission that was completed. Yu returned to the land of lightning swiftly to deliver the news of Shinya's companionship and with a Kaguya no less. Seemingly enraged, a squadron was commissioned with the task of returning Shinya to the land of lightning. Instantly waves upon waves of Hunter nin swarmed the land of water in search of Shinya, he was quickly apprehended along with Shinto.

Both boys were taken to the land of Lightning but only Shinya was brought to the household, Shinto's whereabouts remained unknown. Shinya's father Tetsuya Hagane, acted as voice for the household in scolding Shinya telling him that his new friend was not one to be trusted as his people have a history of violence and treason. Shinya hated the words of spite coming towards his best friend and voiced his opinion in defense of Shinto. When Shinya demanded to know the location of his friend he threatened to forsake the family quest and leave the village if his friend were not returned to him. These words gradually made members of the Hagane family hate young Shinya and over the time span of a year, his threat sunk deep into everyone's soul. In time his actions and threats of leaving made people in Kumogakure despise Shinya and scorned him with evil looks upon every passing.
He could take this no longer, Shinya returned to the household demanding to know the location of Shinto, he wished to leave the hate filled village with his friend. His father honored his request and revealed the location of Shinto, north, near the border of lightning country.

Shinto's physical state revealed that he was beaten and tortured for months, all of this orchestrated by Tetsuya. He was hated for being the cause of Shinya's new path and the elders deemed that if he were erased, Shinya would be able to focus on his purpose. Shinto who had given up all hope spoke to Shinya and explained to him his family's true reason for torturing him him. He spoke of him being the only thing able to help Shinya perfect the art of the White Moves, He explained that once Shinya had control of the white moves he would be able to learn legendary jutsu bordering on the impossible. Finally he explained that, in due time, the family planned to use him to take control of the Land of Lightning. Shinya was consumed with rage and hatred, the vision he had towards the morality of his people changed. Later than night Shinya left the location of Shinto heading west to a secret location and retrieved one of his family's greatest legacy's, the 七龍傀儡滾動- Seven Dragon Puppet Scroll.

The Dragon Puppet scroll, traditionally to be used only as a final resort by the family, contained 7 puppets sealed within it. The mystical energies of the puppet was said to grant the user the power to conquer the 7 great nations using the might of the legendary Dragon puppets, however in return for this, the user would be destroyed by the very force that was unleashed. Shinya made up the mind, to put an end to the corruption of his blood, by unleashing the Dragon Puppets and wielding them to destroy his family. Upon contact with the puppets, Shinya gained the basic understanding of the White Moves and with it limited mastery. The version however - to him- felt incomplete as he did not fully understand the possibilities of the technique and therefore was calling on the energies of the legendary Dragon's used to create the puppet. Shinya waited to recover and upon the next day returned to his family domain to engage in combat.

For hours he slaughtered his own kin in a puppeteer showdown with some of the family's biggest and best. Shinya, defeated them all making their veteran years worth of practice seem like amateur to the might of the 7 Puppets he used. The power slowly began taking dormancy within Shinya and without his knowing changed him. After crushing through the forces of the Hagane, Tetsuya, Shinya's father emerged ready halt his son's actions once and for all. Challenging him for the freedom of Shinto, Shinya violently assaulted his father with the full rage of the puppets. For a moment it seemed like victory was assured however without him realizing it, Shinya did not contain the chakra control to use the puppets for much longer. His chakra was near depletion and the Dragons were ready for their end of the deal. Shinya was in awe as he realized that the dragons stopped responding to him entirely and swamred around him ready to take his life before returning to the scroll, but before they could devour him, Shinto intervened and pushed Shinya. Shinto's will to protect his dear friend cost him to allow the Dragons to devour him instead locking Shinto into the world of searing flames.

Tetsuya laughed at the sacrificed and prepared to finish his son however something happened. Because Shinto was not the original summoner of the Dragon Puppets, they could not properly finish to contract causing his death to leave their power unbound. In order to maintain a balance, the puppets would have no choice but to destroy themselves and allow Tetsuya this victory, Shinto however would not see this. Forcing himself to believe that he would not let his friend die in vain, Shinya rearmed himself with the unstable Dragon puppets a launched them into Tetsuya causing him to also become part of the drastic destruction. After a blinding flash of light, Shinya recovered to see nothing but pieces of the puppet scattered across the ground among the bones of his best friend Shinto Kaguya. Shinya's father Tetsuya Hagane's bones were also littered in the pile, Shinya gather everything, pieces of the puppets that caused his demise, and the bones of his fallen friend and father, he then left forever changed..Forever scarred.

Over the next few years Shinya reassembled the skeletal structure of Shinto and merged it with pieces of the 七龍傀儡滾動-Seven Dragon Puppets creating the magnificent weapon Ryuu-Shinto. A puppet forged from fallen promises and broken dreams, the only memento to the dream that never was, but also the key the key to a newly acquired knowledge. The knowledge of merging his chakra with that of Shinto's bones and the Dragon's power, to be able to breathe life..if only for a moment back to the puppet and use Shinto's legacy. Side by side Shinya's chakra and Shinto's remains granted Shinya the goal that his family had set for him all along, the understanding of the Secret White Moves. Shinya also kept his father's bones as it would forever remind of what he went through, to sacrifice the old to start something new. Now Shinya remains hidden from most, and is rarely seen, however those ever lucky to encounter him will see promise..promise of the legend, soon to be.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin   Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:40 pm

Okay, well all of his jutsu and equipment has been approved so unless anyone else has any objections, I'm giving my OK on this.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin   Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:02 am

Alright then lad... Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin   

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Shinya Hagane - Kumogakure Genin
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