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 Missions and Experience Points

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PostSubject: Missions and Experience Points   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:39 pm

Missions and EXP

Missions are the primary source of income for ninja in the New Age Shinobi RP. Not only do they supply a source of income, but they also give experience for ranking up as well as skill points used for learning Jutsu and other various things. Missions can range from simple things such as pulling up weeds to assassination of a Kage in another country. These missions give certain amounts of experience points per completion and that experience goes to your RPC which increases rank over time. As well as missions having a certain amount of experience per completion, missions have a certain amount of posts per completion as well.

D-Ranked Missions: 5 Posts
C-Ranked Missions: 7 Posts
B-Ranked Missions: 10 Posts
A-Ranked Missions: 12 Posts
S-Ranked Missions: 15 Posts

D-Ranked Missions give out 5-25 Experience Points.
C-Ranked Missions give out 25-50 Experience Points.
B-Ranked Missions give out 50-100 Experience Points.
A-Ranked Missions give out 100-200 Experience Points.
S-Ranked Missions give out 200-550 Experience Points.

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Missions and Experience Points
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