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 Title System

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PostSubject: Title System   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:37 pm


Alright as we all know, in the world of Naruto there are several basic titles that one has, Be it from the humble little Genin to the most powerful of Kage everyone is known by something, and has their job called by something. This something is a title, and while titles do not affect much they do allow for you to gain a few unique perks to use for your character. There are also unique titles which go along with your normal title, the requirements for such, as well as normal titles are as following below:

Basic titles

  • Genin: You have just graduated from the academy, this is the title that all village ninja start with.
    Requirements: N/A

  • Chunin: You are moving up in the world, you are now fit to officially teach others in both the academy, and lead a squad of other ninja. One with this title can teach others giving them a -1 post count reduction to learning jutsu down to a min of 1.
    Requirements: pass the chunin exam.

  • Jounin: You are at the peak of what can be obtained within your village outside of the rank of Kage. You are not only able to lead a squad, and teach others, but you can have your own pupils to boot. You may now lead any organization/squad that you are requested too, in addition to giving others you teach a -1 post count to learning jutsu, You also give your own pupils a -2 post count to learning jutsu. (The later does not stack with the first)
    Requirements: Promotion by Kage/at least A rank.

  • Kage: You. Are. God! Nah not really, but you are technically at least by title the strongest within your village. You now command a legion of ninja at your beck, and call. You may make one NPC follower ANBU character. In addition to this you yourself receive a -2 to learning all jutsu/a 20% reduction upon all other training done. You also give your pupils a -3 to post count while learning jutsu, in addition to giving others a -2 post count to learning jutsu.
    Requirements: Claim kage position from the current kage (Way doesn’t matter)

Unique titles
Unique titles are ones that go along with your normal title, and as such have normal titles as requirements in order for you to gain them. These titles do not take up a slot on your titles, and instead do not count towards any limit, as long as you meet the requirements for such a title, you may use such a title/have it in effect.

  • Special Jounin: You are a chunin who is has taken their job of teaching very seriously, hell you can teach even better than a kage on some levels. Those whom you teach now learn jutsu with a -3 to their post count needed, but only up to 3 jutsu can be learned this way per thread.
    Requirements: Chunin title, have at least taught 5 others before, all of whom learned what you taught.

  • Clan leader: You are not only the a strong individual but the leader of your clan. Your level of understanding within your bloodline is so strong that you now count as yet another style when learning all clan jutsu. The drawback being that this title is stand alone, and as such you cannot gain any other unique titles effects while you have this title, they only except being that of the Ichinnin/Sannin/Gonnin Unique title.
    Requirements: ICly gain ownership of your clan, at least 4000 Renown.

  • ANBU: You are one of the kage’s elite operatives, the ANBU. Your job is to keep the village safe, to perform tasks that others wouldn’t dare touch, and to hunt down all those who have betrayed the village. You gain with this title the ability to Unique ANBU jutsu which do not count against your total for the highest rank you can learn.
    Requirements: Given by the kage ICly, at least Chunin rank/B rank.

  • Ichinnin/Sannin/Gonnin: A title that is bestowed only on those whom are destined to become the next kage, or who’s power is not enough to be measured by normal means. The Ichinnin means “one” in where one individual was appointed the title, where as in Sannin means “three” and Gonnin Means “Five”. One with this title receives themselves a boost to all learning they do, decreasing the cost by 20% of the total. They also ICly will be the next to receive/fight for the kage spot within their village the latter being if there of course are more than one with this title in a village. One not in a village will still be considered one, abet not liable for kageship.
    Requirements: Must be given to by your current kage ICly, S-Rank.

  • Captain: You are not only your current rank, but the best of the best in that rank. You have the ability to promote others to special titles underneath your own, with the exception of Ichinnin/Sannin/Gonnin, and clan leader. You also receive a 10% boost to your own abilities within your own special/basic titles.
    Requirements: Must be promoted to this position by the kage ICly, must be in a village.

Missing Ninja and Titles

Now many people will wonder, “Hey I am not in a village do I still have my titles!?” the answer to which is a simple, yes you still do, as long as you got them ICly from whoever/whatever you need to, you still have the title simple as that. However when you do go missing you are counted something different than what a normal person would be considered as far as titles, and such go. While all special titles maintain their normal effects you will gain the missing ninja title, that is relative to your class based on your Renown, the full amount of which can be found here as well as listed below.

  • Renown=0 E ranking missing nin

  • Renown=500 D ranked missing nin

  • Renown=1000 C ranked missing nin

  • Renown=2000 B ranked missing nin

  • Renown=3500 A ranked missing nin

  • Renown=5000 S ranked missing nin
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Title System
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