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 Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威

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Mitsuomi Sensui
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Mitsuomi Sensui

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PostSubject: Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威   Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威 Icon_minitime1Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:24 am

Name:Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威
Description:A legendary weapon used for not only offense but also as a very effective training equipment. Naturally a metal staff forged from the coal of a legendary volcano in the land of earth, this staff is an indestructible weapon capable of immense damaged if used by the right person. The staff is made up of eight pikes, each pike weighed at 90lbs a pike. When combined through an attachment piece located at the top of each pike, the pikes will combine to create a 6ft long 720lbs staff used for martial art combat. Though naturally heavy most will not be able to use a weapon like this freely, however mastery of the weapon's weight can prove most valuable in overwhelming an opponent with sheer force.

The pikes are placed into two ankle braces with 4 slots on each designed to perfectly fit each pike four per brace. Once this is done the ankle braces combined with the pikes serves as training weights placing a severe strain on the one using it. Due to this strain the cost is a reduction in speed and mobility by 90%, however there is a slight 10% increase in strikes from the feet due to the weights extra pressure. The Hyōuchaku also as another feature as it can be customized as as a chain link metal almost similar to a Nunchaku however wider in size as well in range. This can be done simply by gently twisting the pikes, while connected into a staff to the side. A total of eight twists are necessary for complete form of the Hyōuchaku's chain linked form.

The Hyōuchaku can be altered if needed for a more intense training or more fierce weapon. The alteration is a simple process in which the pikes of the Hyōuchaku are replaced with new pikes freshly made from the special coal found only in the land of earth. The new pikes are able to range from up to 210lbs a pike making for a grand total of 840lbs a weight on each leg. This acquired weight will also effect the staff as well as it's chain linked form, and will cost the user 120% reduction in speed and mobility at first. Still just as before the added weight can be used to the user's advantage however there is one great benefit from using the Hyōuchaku. Once the weight of the weapon is released from the user's ankles the are instantly granted a 90% increase in strength in some cases causing the free movement of a user, if influenced by chakra to be so fast that the human eye speed would not be able to process the movements on the user on foot. The speed can allow the user to appear to be transporting themselves to numerous locations in seconds almost acting like teleportation. This speed however will not grant the user any additional strength other than the build resistance to extreme weight on their legs. But it is said if one uses the speed to their advantage, their striking prowess can be unrivaled.

The Hyōuchaku is a very noticeable piece of equipment, known for it's strange kanji engraved in it's black coating on each pike. It also has a habit of stunning people in awe at it's great weight and allows them to question how a human being is able to use such equipment and the body can only take so much. Since the Hyōuchaku can reach a maximum of 1680lbs in weight it can easily smash through light surfaces in the ground causing a massive earth shaking rumble upon contact with the ground. A weapon of pure wonder, and one that few dare to seek.

Level:None can only be altered at user's will.
Requirements:Be able to tolerate the immense weight
Picture of Equipment:

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Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威 Falconpunch
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PostSubject: Re: Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威   Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威 Icon_minitime1Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:28 am

I see no problems with this!


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Hyōuchaku 撃の脅威
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