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The will of fire burns brightly in you! Learn the way of the Ninja and bring forth a new age of Shinobi!...Have fun!

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 A challenge I seek even after death

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Hokage Challenge

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PostSubject: A challenge I seek even after death   Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:44 am

Heed the words of me..Hashirama Senju.

As I awake from a long slumber I see nothing more than a new age of Shinobi burning with the will of fire, I wonder if this generation is to be hailed as worthy of holding the title Ninja. Taking my place in an arena of time I shall see exactly which one of you all are skilled and brave enough to defeat myself and my brother..I shall be waiting for you, as you New Age Shinobi may possess jutsu that even I have yet to see, but simply remember..There's a reason I'm called Hokage.

Welcome Shinobi fans to the greatest tournament in ninja history, face deadly combatants with your own ninja and compete for grand prizes and world fame. The fame may break the fourth wall, but the experience does not, your characters involved in these fights may come out better for the actions than you ever thought possible. From new and improved jutsu, to secret ancient ones long forgotten (Not to mention the bonus Experience!). So you seek power, and so you shall have it....

If you can beat a Hokage that is, Muahahaha.

Keep a weary eye on the contest board for more information!
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Amegaki Kun

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PostSubject: Re: A challenge I seek even after death   Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:04 pm

you do realize. By posting this, I have to create Amegaki. (Sigh)

Bring it I suppose.
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A challenge I seek even after death
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