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 Joichiro Shozuku - The New Kazekage

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PostSubject: Joichiro Shozuku - The New Kazekage   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:46 am

Name:Joichiro Shozuku
Alias: Incarnate of Fear, Freak, Psycho, The Nightwalker Kage
Height:5'11 (5 feet, 11 inches)
Weight:140 lbs

Appearance: A very ominous fellow, Joichiro is a man known to always black as he is seen with a Black and white blazer and wears a black shit underneath. His hair is dark and eyes take a Ghostly blue color. His skin is extremely pale and many believed that this is due to the insanity that Joichiro took on from a young age. He never wears a Kage robe and cares not for how formal he looks for any occasion. Because of Joichiro's "Hobby" there are times when he is covered in blood. Seeming to enjoy the feeling of another's very life force poured over his body, Joichiro would not mine going about his day in this manner.

At other times, mainly during the night. Joichiro is known to wear a body suit that is completely black with a long white stripe that flows down from the shoulders to the arms. Normally known as his natural attire many tend to see him in this attire the most. He is known for carrying a combat knife most of the time, this being his memento to the hardships of his childhood. Still his body appearance remains the same as his hair is still dark and eyes Ghostly Blue. However a lot different than his other choice of attire, Joichiro keeps himself a little less..Messy in this pattern of dress.

Hair: Naturally Black
Eyes:Ghostly Blue
Ethnicity:Kaze no Kuni

Personality:Joichiro possesses a very maniacal yet selfish attitude as he cares little for others and those of his village. He tends to see everyone else as mere pawns for experimentations on the extend of a human beings fear. Seeming to value the concept of fear quite highly, Joichiro makes sure to exact it in everyone he meets no matter how often he sees them, in addition to this Joichiro openly admits that he has a personal pleasure in viewing the face of a person moments before their death. He believes that human beings - tipically shinobi- are a tad expendable and because of this are unable to amount to what power they should naturally have. Joichiro however does respect his village and will protect it, however wishes for the people of his village not to depend on him as Kage to always stand in it's aid. Using this as a method to test the power of fear, and mentality of shinobi while in a situation dealing with fear, Joichiro will purposely leave the village at a moments notice and is rarely seen in his office. Joichiro cares not for if war or enemy ninja would plague Sunagakure as he in the back of his mind has a sense of confidence in his villagers.

Joichiro however possesses as disturbingly sick hobby. He enjoys in his spare time experimenting on captured Shinobi -preferably from outside nations- to develop Horrific Genjutsu's which he exploits the psyche of a person. In doing this he is able to cause such fear in a person that most of the time, their body gives way to the fear and often ends up killing the Shinobi. This brings Joichiro to believe that humans are indeed expendable, but since his hobby is not smiled upon by the council, he would rarely get time or subjects of other nations to do it with. In order to make up for this, Joichiro would go as far as abducting weak failure Genin of his own village and try his experiments then. Not trying to start a revolution he tries to limit his abductions to Shinobi outside of the village.

A known trait about Joichiro however is that he possesses no fear whatsoever and displays a slight masochistic mentality when in battle. He is easily agitated and normally would do nothing upon request unless he felt as though he would be benefiting. He does not have a preference in Shinobi and would send any Shinobi of any rank on any mission that he saw fit (mainly so that they leave him alone). Joichiro tries to stray from duties that concern the village and works on his own agenda that often partakes in him not being in the village. Joichiro is a very active kage and will lead missions most of the time instead of sending people to do his work for him, his reason is simple. Since he chooses what is important to him, he believes that others doing his job will screw it up.

Special Titles:none
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:1500
Fighting Type/Style:Genjutsu [Master], Ninjutsu [Secondary]
Sub Fighting style:Genjutsu Mastery

  • Combat Knife
  • Whistle
  • Kunai x12
  • Shuriken 50
  • Explosive tags x20

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline Limits:

Jutsu Total:14

Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

Background:Considered a social outcast in his youth, Joichiro grew up in Sunagakure being despised by all his peers because of his strange mentality for seeing things die. He was known to have been a rising Genius displaying a talent shown rarely in ninja of his generation, however despite all his praise Joichiro lived in pain as no one around him would ever grow to accept him. Throughout his time in the academy Joichiro was constantly bullied and teased by others as they gave him nicknames such as psycho and freak. It emotionally crushed him inside however he never once made it clear how much he despised them for it. All this hatred however became clear upon the day of Graduation when they went too far. Joichiro was about to leave to go home one day when the other students decided to push Jochiro off the top of the academy roof in attempts to kill him. Their efforts failed however and Joichiro could take no more, he felt the need to exact revenge on the backstabbing classmates.

Because of the push Joichiro was left unconscious but during his incapacitation he contemplated how he would seek his revenge. He awoke only 30 minutes after the fall and in the heat of rage raced back to the classroom where he brutally slaughtered every single one of his classmates save one girl who had never once bothered him. This display of pure rage began stirring an enjoyment, one that Joichiro would keep with him for the rest of his life.

The village treated this event as a matter of extreme importance as no one was able to predict that the young boy would be able to do something like this, there was conflict on whether he should be punished or pulled out for examination. Although he was the best of his graduating class for someone to be able to pull off a mass murder like that without any Jounin or Anbu being alerted and still manage to slip out of the building walking home normally. This took true skill, he was placed under special supervision where the interrogation squad of Suna spend 10 days torturing and questioning him on how and why he did his attack, however instead of speak up, Joichiro took a liking to it.

As placed on his record, Joichiro was very fond of Genjutsu during his time in the academy and due to this managed to create a few techniques of his own ones that seemed a tad disturbing for a child of his age. He personally demonstrates said Genjutsu against the interrogation squad placing 3 of the 6 Jounin in a coma before he was restrained and sent to the village council. Reports of his power and rumors of his skill began spreading throughout the village as he became known as a spectacle of confusion. Many began wondering if he should be feared, or if he should be praised. The Village Council unanimously decided that Joichiro be left alone and placed in a Genin squad upon the following graduation. A daring move yes, but it also would help the village in developing a suitable punishment or placement for him.

As decided, Joichiro was placed on a team with two other Genin one being named Sakamaru and the team medic Asuka. Their Jounin instructor - secretly a member of the ANBU- was placed on the team, being ordered to closely watch Joichiro as they performed the basic duties of Shinobi. Many months past and Joichiro seemed to be doing nothing out of the ordinary, the village deemed his outburst to be a negative reaction due to the torment he was given by his peers. It was decided that manner of his behavior be placed behind them, the village also allowed Joichiro to participate in the Chunin exams.

The Chunin exams was indeed something special as ninja from all nations were gathered to take an exam for selection on who would be known as Chunin. Many Genin gathered, each prepared and ready to pass the exam and to the surprise of everyone, all the Genin made it past the first test. Being sent into the forest of death however was another test as all 100 Genin that passed were tasked to gather scrolls and make their way to the center. Naturally this was something capable of sharply cutting down the members as they would surely be unable to complete such a task since someone had to lose and someone had to win. Something however happened, something that had never before in history occurred.

Out of 100 Genin, only 3 managed to make it to the center. Joichiro, Sakamaru and Asuka were the only ones to actually come, at first it was presumed that they were just early however it was revealed later that they were the only ones because of Joichiro's actions. Since the day that he was almost killed by his classmates, Joichiro grew a liking to the sight of blood and began to crave it. To quench his thirst, Joichiro -while his other comrades were asleep- deserted his team in the forest of death and sough out the 97 other Genin taking the exam. Swiftly and mercilessly he killed each and everyone of them gathering all the scrolls given to each team. Once again this act of swift murder was done without any trace or alerts to any of the Jounin or ANBU. It didn't take them long to point fingers claiming Joichiro to be the cause for this mass homicide. Joichiro who made had no hesitation in willingly saying that he was the cause of it, claimed that he only did so as part of the exam that he wanted himself and comrades to pass. By default Joichiro was automatically placed as a Chunin and placed under constant watch as he was beginning to place a fear in the hearts of the council members.

During his years as a Chunin Joichiro spend his time performing minor tasks and assassinations in the shadows. His work was not conducted by the village nor were they an order however Joichiro began gaining a reputation through his gruesome manner in killing. It was around this time that Joichiro realized that his pride and happiness in killing did not come from actually causing the murder, but witnessing the fear on his victims face when they were moments from their death. He loved it, and began to crave more, Joichiro willingly took any assassination mission without hesitation. When there were none, he would even ask if he could merely kill minor criminals simple to settle his appetite. He became feared, lurking in the shadows as the man who dealt with anyone the village didn't want but couldn't openly kill. He became the best at what he did, and he was dubbed numerous aliases while working since his best work took place at night.

It was surely no surprise to anyone when he was recruited to join the ANBU of Sunagakure. With his new ranks Joichiro would be able to kill as freely as he wished under the guidance of the council. Aside from this, no one would find it strange that he enjoy doing what he did. At some point during Joichiro's 18th birthday and his 3rd year as an ANBU, Sakamaru and Asuka were also enlisted into the Ops. Called Squadron G, the trio performed missions together something not done since their days as Genin. It reminded Joichiro of everything that they've been through together but also how much he grew tired of their presence. During one last mission to kill a feudal lord, Joichiro and his comrades encountered heavy resistance from the Feudal lord's guards. Deeming it as the only possible plan of survival Joichiro executed a Genjutsu to guard himself from a almost instant death situation but in the process managed to effect his own comrades due to his, unstable, technique. Upon witnessing their reactions to his bloody display of psychological mayhem, Joichiro learned the joys in exploiting a person's fear.

The very next day, Joichiro, who now was overcome with a desire to gain more knowledge in terms of how to exploit someone's fear, kidnapped his comrade Asuka. During her abduction Joichiro began experimenting on her using her own blood and chakra pool as base lines for his mentally damaging Genjutsu development. Trying to understand exactly how her mind worked he took the liberty of removing her brain and even dissecting it trying to see which points needed to be target. After gaining this information he proceeded to conduct Gejutsu accordingly making sure to use electrodes and conductor spikes to maintain a pulse in the body keeping it barely alive. By the time his experiment was over, he successfully created a heinous technique at the cost of stripping Asuka her mortal appearance.

Joichiro in time set his site on Sakamaru for his next choice of experiments. Sakamaru was slightly suspicious of his comrades motions and developed a cautious attitude. He didn't trust Joichiro and even suspected that he was the cause for Asuka's disappearance. During a personal investigation Sakamaru scouted Joichiro's underground laboratory (One he created shortly after his entry to the ANBU). Sakamaru during his investigation was shocked and disgusted to find a dismembered corpse of his comrade Asuka. It was as he believed and because he was a witness, Joichiro attacked him forcing him to be yet another tool of his insane experiments.

Day after day Joichiro would secretly take prisoners into his lab and create more and more powerful yet devastating Jutsu. He even started a collection of human brains in which he would use to try developing new Genjutsu. Rumors began going around about Joichiro's sudden increase in Jutsu and a spy was sent to investigate him. Joichiro was quickly made wise to this intrusion and made quick work of the spy adding him to the list of specimens. When this confirmed the villages suspicions on him, Joichiro was prosecuted and told to leave the village or face execution. Honoring the request Joichiro traveled the world still keeping to his hobby.

4 years later, Joichiro was searched out by the village and was offered a position as the Kazekage being that he was one of the most gifted Shinobi ever produced by Sunagakure. The village was in a time of weakness and needed a leader after the current one had gone missing. Hesitant at first, Joichiro accepted the position claiming to have the answer to Sunagakure's problems. Upon his 23rd birthday Joichiro took his position as Kazekage and used it as base to conduct his experiments without any bother. He knew that if he got stronger through this, the village will less likely accuse him of doing any wrong after all power was something that the village needed. He made it his personal goal to insure that the power of the village increased even if it was only through himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Joichiro Shozuku - The New Kazekage   Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:22 am

well interesting story, I'll be avoiding this weirdo otherwise approved!

Princess Chemical <3

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Joichiro Shozuku - The New Kazekage
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