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PostSubject: Genjutsu   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:46 am

Name:Seishin Shattodaun 精神シャットダウン - Mental Shutdown
A mind targeting technique which slows down the thinking process of it's target through the inhaling of a light miasma. The user will perform the respective hand seals using his/her own chakra to begin the process. The Miasma is barely visible and spreads at a rapid rate and takes effect in 2 stages. The first stage will begin upon breathing in, once this is done the brain begins reducing it's speed in thinking causing the body to respond a lot slower than normal. These slow responses trigger a woozy feeling shortly after causing a loss in balance, from there the user will begin falling into an unconscious state. If the opponent is successfully rendered unconscious then the second stage will begin. The Second stage activates a special Genjutsu designed to only be activated when the opponent is in slumber. Striking the frontal lobe of brain the Jutsu will leave an essence of confusion upon it forcing the brain into a coma. This slow but effective form of Genjutsu is mainly used to silence shinobi who may have valuable knowledge, however due to it's long term effects the Jutsu takes a maximum of 2 posts to conduct effectively. This technique can be easily dispelled by an outside party.

Osore no hourei 恐れの法令 - Act of Fear
Rank: B - S
Requirement: Opponent's eyes must rest upon the user.
The skilled technique allows a user to transport a target into a world of Genjutsu in which they are able to simulate various events that could most likely cause fear in an opponent. Although unable to physically harm a target, one captured within this world of Genjutsu experiences otherworldly trauma and in some cases fear, all orchestrated by the caster. This Genjutsu, perhaps if not the only, is one of the hardest Genjutsu's to train as there is always room for it's improvement. To activate the sequence, one must cover themselves in a powerful laying of Chakra. The chakra remains invisible to the naked eye but acts as a portal for if the opponent were to set their eyes on any part of the caster's body, they will instantly be captured within the illusionist's world. Locked in place for a Maximum of 6 posts, The Genjutsu world grants the caster complete creative control designed to be so crisp to the mind that most may not even realize they are in a Genjutsu. The Caster is limited to minor movements on the outside world as their victim is caught, their motions must be steady however as the slightest imbalance could dispel the technique. Counter Genjutsu's are possible to perform if an opponent is captured by the technique however one must remain cautious and vigilant, trying to perform as much psychological damage as possible is key to this jutsu's success.

Shibouritsu Fuchaku 死亡率付着 - Mortality Binding
Rank: A
Requirement:Contact with part of body to be binded.
A technique of pure skill which enables the user to perform a perfect illusion in mid battle. Relying on the sense of touch to trigger this Genjutsu the user will make obvious contact with a part of the opponent's body (their choice). Once this is done successfully, the user would have left a portion of chakra at the point of choice, the chakra at this point will instantly use the point as a pipeline to move straight to the brain of the opponent and lock the cerebral hemisphere in a state of complete confusion as well as deception. This lock - which is also the Genjutsu- will confuse the mind to display a deteriorating limb (in this case the part that was touched). Such a sight by normality would trigger instant panic and slight fear in the mind, as the opponent would be struggling to find out what was used against them and if there is a cure, the Mind enters a state of temporary lock. The lock down is stationed on the point of contact as an opponent will have no feeling in that point of the body as it appears to be disappearing into the wind. In reality nothing is actually being done to the opponent as it is all a trick played on the mind in which to arise fear. The technique will last 4 posts before the opponent will regain feeling in said body part and see that it was all a trick. Because this technique needs to seem as fearful as possible within the realistic limits of a person's health, the user is unable to target places that could lead to obvious death as it would reveal that they are under a Genjutsu. In addition to this, only the touched victim is able to see the Genjutsu, however outsiders will only see the fearful reaction of the targets meaning this technique can be dispelled by an outside party.

Ugoki to genjitsu nopeten 動きと現実のぺてん - Deception of Movement and Reality
Type: Genjutsu
Rank: B
Requirement: Squared preference of execution.
By combining their chakra at nearby points to form a square around oneself and the opponent, the user is able to perform a very skilled technique that shows true craftsmanship in the art of Genjutsu. The square of chakra serves two purposes, the first is to display and exact replica of the caster within the perimeter, the second is to mask the presence of the actual user outside of the perimeter. Controlled perfectly by the user, the replica of themselves which will already be stationary will continue a battle as normal however the speed of the replica will be extreme causing even skilled shinobi to be fooled into thinking the opponent is extremely fast. The replica is able to dodge all attacks including jutsu from the opponent however cannot attack on it's own, this is where the second party comes into place. Once outside of the perimeter a user is virtually invisible to all that are within the chakra squaring. Their movements are silenced yet their words are still able to be heard. The replica is unable to be hit by the opponent for if physical contact would be made, the user would simply phase through in such a realistic way that one would assume that the jutsu used is a space/time technique. If the replica would attack, the user would simultaneously enter the perimeter taking a perfect sync with their replica to actually inflict the damage that was suppose to have been done. Once this is done however the user will quickly retreat to the outside of the perimeter to assume defensive position awaiting the next chance to strike. Unlike most Genjutsu, this technique can only be dispelled two ways. One would be an outside party using a mass counter Genjutsu at all four points of the trapping square. The second would be for the user within the box to actually manage to strike the user during their attack. If the user is damaged the square's chakra link will be broken dispelling the jutsu instantly.

Kibishi iunmei 厳しい運命 - Grim Fate
Requirement: Explosive tags.
Using a strong extortion of chakra a user, after performing the respective hand seals is able to create a number of scythe wielding reapers to surround an opponent. The Reapers will drive the opponent into a corner using their tactics as afterlife emissaries, such an act will drive an opponent into a defensive state. Although the jutsu will not last very long, the technique will end when the Reapers manage to successfully corner their target. Once this is done the Genjutsu will be automatically dispelled to reveal a number of explosive tags ready to detonate instantly upon release causing severe damage to an opponent and possible chances of death. The technique requires a light amount of chakra to carry the tags to their destination. Light in amount and easy to control the user will find no trouble in forming the chakra used to move the tags into reapers of their creation. The technique is accurate however as how many tags are used equals how many reapers can be formed. Since the chakra used in this technique is light it can be easily dispelled with a counter Genjutsu however dispelling this technique will result in an instant triggering of the explosive tags.

Yuumei na engeki : jisatsu tekina jiyuu 有名な演劇:自殺的な自由 - Legendary play: Act of Suicidal freedom
Type: Genjutsu
Rank:S (kin)
Requirement: none
A frightening technique perhaps one of the most deadly forms of Genjutsu in which the skill of a caster is put to the test. Locking the opponent in an almost inescapable Genjutsu through which the capture condition is direct eye to eye contact, the user is able to place an opponent in a perilous situation in which only one escape is possible. Through this simulation completely orchestrated by the caster the movements towards freedom are different than what the captured would be envisioning. The closer they get to freedom within the Genjutsu, the closer they bring themselves to death in the real world. Depending on the choice of event, the caster will be able to cause the person- who is so deep in the Genjutsu- so much mental confusion that as their mind believes they are gaining freedom, their brain will be driving the body to commit acts of suicide dictated by the caster. This rigorous process takes a maximum of 7 posts to complete successfully and cannot be diseplled by the victim caught, it can only be released by an outside part using only an advanced counter Genjutsu. Rare among Genjutsu, this technique allows free movement and actions in the real world while being able to simultaneously control the actions played in the Genjutsu world. The constant chakra feed however is a factor, in exchange for such influence and control the user must constantly be giving chakra to keep the Genjutsu stable, this would mean that if the user is engaged in two battles at once the natural jutsu used by the caster will not be as effective as normal. At the 7th post, the stated request in suicide that is pushed through the Genjutsu will commence when the user inside their own mind would think they are breaking free from the torment. A jutsu structured along the lines of a mastermind using only the most fearful of situations.

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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:55 am

Awesome dude approved.

Princess Chemical <3

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