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 Hyuuga Style Kinjutsu/Taijutsu techniques

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Style Kinjutsu/Taijutsu techniques   Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:33 am

Name:Zesshō: Hachimon Hōgeki 絶招・八門崩撃 - Last Resort: Eight Gates Bombardment
Rank:S-Rank (Kinjutsu/Taijutsu)
Requirements:Must be of Hyuuga clan, 10 point training thread mastering Byakugan Hachimon
Description:A hidden deadly art among the Hyuuga clan that is only reserved for members able to push the sight power of the Byakugan beyond just viewing the Tenketsu of a person's network. Through this strong sight range of visual power, the Hyuuga is granted a 50% increase in their Jūken (Gentle Fist) fighting. With this increase the user of this technique will proceed to perform eight fatal strikes completely sealing off the Hachimon (Eight Gates) of a person's Chakra network. Because these special points are located in the most vital parts of the human body, a Hyuuga using this attack will most assuredly kill upon the final blow. Once the technique is completed, if my any means the target is left alive, the Chakra of their body will be placed at a complete arrest allowing no possibility of flow through the body which in time will also cause death. This technique however requires the Hyuuga to rush directly at the opponent performing the motions in complete sync not halting for a moment. The grace and power this technique shows makes this the most powerful technique of the Jūken style as well as a last resort.

Name:Hakke Sanbyakurokujūichi Shiki - Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred-Sixty-One Palms
Rank:S-Rank (Kinjutsu/Taijutsu)
Requirements:Hyuuga clan member, 7 point training thread mastering Tenketsu point target sight.
Description:An advanced version of the Eight Trigrams technique held highly among the Head Family of the Hyuuga. The power of a technique used to this magnitude goes beyond that of average shinobi as this brutal beating of the Tenketsu is considered so severe that the target's brain is barely able to process the amount pain they feel. The technique will begin with the traditional stance taken by the Hyuuga for the Eight Trigrams techniques, however upon the first palm strike to the chest a wave of Chakra will be released into the body of the opponent conducting an instantaneous barrage of damage to 360 Tenketsu points of a person's body. The Hyuuga - Upon the 360th point of damage- will finalize the technique with a palm strike to the abdomen of their opponent locking the 361st and final Tenketsu point of the human body thus stopping all possible Chakra flow. Because the Chakra of the opponent is rendered useless and cannot flow through the body as naturally as it should, the life force of the target with this technique will deplete causing assured death.

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PostSubject: Re: Hyuuga Style Kinjutsu/Taijutsu techniques   Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:34 am

Approved: I'll be avoiding Hyuuga's


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Hyuuga Style Kinjutsu/Taijutsu techniques
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