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 Rumi Shiga - Sunagakure Jounin

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PostSubject: Rumi Shiga - Sunagakure Jounin   Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:40 am

Name:Rumi Shiga
Alias: Undertaker of the Hidden Wind
Height:5'7 5ft, 7inchs
Weight:123 lbs

Appearance: Rumi is a naturally stunning woman that is known for her silky purple hair and dark red eyes. She is noted to be wearing a purple belt collar around her neck and also a purple cowgirl hat with a matching purple and white stylish coat. She wears a purple shorts and as a tattoo 愛 (love) on her right outer thigh. Rumi tends to distract people by her choice of appearance for battle. She chooses to wear little to no underclothing, a trait that mainly catches the eyes of most male opponents however she does this not to distract them. Instead Rumi uses this as proof of her confidence in her fighting art, she chooses not to protect herself much almost daring opponents to try striking her revealed spots.

Eyes:Dark Red
Ethnicity:Kaze no kuni

Personality:Rumi has a very outspoken personality as she is sometimes deemed as obnoxious. Her attitude is a cocky one as she is one of the only breed of Medical Taijutsu users in her village. Rumi has managed to earn herself a decent amount of fame in her village because of her skill, however as a Jounin her lack of motivation to perform missions makes her a handful to deal with even by her superiors. Rumi would rather find anyway to avoid hard work and enjoys going out and drinking rather than intense training and missions, despite this she is a quite skilled shinobi capable to using her vast knowledge of medical ninjutsu to intimidate opponents.

Special Titles:none
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:1,100
Fighting Type/Style:Ninjutsu Master
Sub Fighting style:Ijutsu

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Combat Style Jutsu:


Bloodline Limits:none

Jutsu Total:17

Basic Ninjutsu:


S-Ranked Jutsu:

A-Rank Jutsu:

B-Rank Jutsu:

C-Ranked Jutsu:

Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total: 0


In the midst of the great turmoil following the death of the great Hokage Naruto a large boom in baby births resulted in the ongoing search for a great Shinobi to take up the mantle Naruto left behind him. It wasn't just the Konohagakure resident's on the hunt though, every great nation across the globe wanted to have one of their own achieve such a golden standard, and thus the dawn of what is now known as the 'Golden Children' (or Golden Age/Golden Generation). During this time a family of great renown within Sunagakure held great hopes for their new baby daughter, Rumi Shiga. The Shiga family had spent many years trying to conceive the child and to be honest had small amounts of disappointment with the result being female, Rumi's father Demoi had always wanted a son to continue his legacy as a Hunter-nin, but with the daughter's birth he began losing faith, even giving up his position as a ninja. The depression hit the Shiga household very hard, and Rumi's mother was forced to work as a Shopkeeper for the local and inspiring puppet shopkeeper Otaki. Her position brought the family enough money to eat and have a place in the village, but it never made enough to allow the growing child to pursue any early form of training for her expected life as a Shinobi. Rumi's life as a child was filled with disappointment, her role soon became that of the housekeeper, cleaning up after her now drunkard of a father, and trying to keep things neat enough that her overworked mother never had any chores to do when she arrived home from work, other families in the village could see the struggles, but we're busy themselves defending the village in the great disaster of war that resulted after the last generation's great protectors such as Kazekage Gaara vanished into death. Otaki was kind enough to keep Rumi's mother working overtime for the cash-flow, but as her father began taking up some even worse habits than alcohol the family budget began to again plummet to that of the negative brackets, it was soon after this that Rumi's mother left Demoi, telling him that she couldn't keep up with his negative plummet, she took Rumi and moved into a small room above Otaki's shop, wishing Demoi the best.

Demoi died two weeks later from overdose, but the official records left his cause of death unknown to keep spirits up within the village.

Rumi was to young to understand the severity of what had occurred, but old enough to mourn her fathers loss greatly, she was upset for sometime, even entering the Shinobi Academy with a frown on her face. They say her frown remained in its position on her face right up until her chunin years. During the academy Rumi did very well when it came to the methods of Chakra control, but her Ninjutsu seemed to be slacking very much, she tried very hard to appease the spirit of her deceased father, but never managed to come to the great potential he desired... within her current position at least. After graduation Rumi was assigned a team, and took the role of Medical-nin, using her great talent for chakra control to make up for the lack of offensive capabilities she had. It was on this team she met the heart throbbing, jaw-dropping, intensely handsome and skilled Shinobi 'Jin'. Jin was already prospected as a possible chunin upon his academy graduation and was the most likely to become great of their entire generation, she fell for him like stones from the top of a great mountain, and using what charm she had managed to woo the boy slightly. You see Jin knew he was all that, and really wanted to become great, having a relationship would only truly serve to stall him in his advancements. After much tribulation and the lucky 'early development' of Rumi he stood no chances of resistance anymore, and soon they became the biggest couple in Sunagakure since Temari (Non-related sister of Kazekage Gaara) and the bastard Konoha-nin Nara Shikimaru. She was a great distraction to him, but as her their relationship proceeded she began changing from the solemn and sad girl that she was into a much happier woman. Their team was the first of the generation to pass the Chunin exams as an entire unit, unforgettably the third died during the exams, leaving them a duo of Chunin, preforming missions as such.

Jin and Rumi we're out on a mission when her mother passed away from a sudden illness, it was painful upon return, but Jin's comforting managed to keep Rumi's personality from changing to greatly.

It was at this point Rumi thanked Otaki for his kindness towards her family and moved out, paying for a residence with Jin. The couple we're quite happy and as they proceeded to continue in pursuit of high ranked missions they're fame within the village grew higher and higher, it was at this time they took a daring S-Ranked mission, to escort a criminal of war back to his home village of Iwagakure, the reason being for danger was that, the villages were still waring, and this was part of a trade, Shinobi for Shinobi, neither side trusted the other to be faithful to the agreement. But Iwagakure planned for a much bigger confrontation than Sunagakure, and instead of a two-man cell their was a small arming awaiting the duo as they approached the gates, completely at the opponents mercy the two tried to resolve without conflict, saying they came only as escorts to 'protect' the captive, and with a kunai pointed to his back, he agreed post haste. It was enough to buy them some time to run with their newly released comrade, but not enough to stall the other captive from informing the army of his false confession, the chase was on. The captive was the first to go, caught in the back by a whirling demon shuriken his lower torso fell along the mountains path they had been running through. In the confusion the duo stopped, not knowing if they could flee or not, and prepared to fight, even sharing a last passionate kiss. The fight was very intense, Jin's power proved to be of great match to an entire army of Iwagakure-nin, and with the support of his faithful partner it seemed they had a chance in winning, as a matter of fact they did win, bodies everywhere and two exhausted Shinobi panting heavily was to be the final scene in the fight, except for a cowardly ninja whom had waited on the sidelines until the battle ended to join in. Not a weakling in the slightest the Ninja charged and managed to immediately catch Jin's stomach with a katana, piercing completely through, this caused the Shinobi great pride after watching the battle and realizing Rumi was most likely no threat. The attacker ignored Rumi so much he continued hacking and slashing and stabbing at Jin, trying to make sure the dying ninja died. Out of frustration Rumi charged a counter-attack, using Taijutsu training her and Jin had done together to take out the ninja with surprise, ending his life with a snapped neck, she would rush to Jins side, but it was too late, he died smiling and holding her hand,

"Never lose your smile".

When Rumi returned she told the elders what had happened, and was promoted to Jounin, although she left out a minor detail... Rumi couldn't let Jin go, she just couldn't leave his body there for the Iwa-nin to toy with, so she did something drastic.. Rumi developed a jutsu out of desperation to preserve his body... and in fact manipulate it slightly, turning him into a mindless puppet of sorts. With the jutsu's success she didn't stop, and as punishment turned the Iwa attacker into one as well, constantly trashing and beating the body on the return trip, only to have it preserved and healed for more abuse, it was the best way she could relieve her stress, no matter how twisted it was.

Rumi spent the next few years of her life as a Bounty-hunter working outside the village, during which time she found a third body for her new techniques arsenal, although she'll never admit the technique to the village, and tries to keep it hidden from their prying eyes and ears. Now retuning to the village Rumi has become much more of a woman than ever, drinking now, although less than her father ever had, and still smiling, just like he would have wanted.

Princess Chemical <3

"Skill is when luck becomes a habit"

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PostSubject: Re: Rumi Shiga - Sunagakure Jounin   Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:06 am

Love it! All the jutsu made it through so your good to go.



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Rumi Shiga - Sunagakure Jounin
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