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 Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin

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PostSubject: Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin   Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:02 pm

Name:Zerus Setsuna
Alias: Konoha's Crimson Lightning
Height:6 Feet
Weight:110 lbs (With equipment)

Hair:Jet Black
Eyes:Black, though in some light they appear red, or crimson.
Ethnicity:Uzu no Kuni

Personality:Zerus is talkative only in combat. In combat he always tries to talk with his team mates and slightly taunt his opponent, to gain tactical edges for both his team and to distract his opponent. Out of combat, he is kept to himself and observes life. He yearns to learn much of this world and practice many different techniques, and generally when he speaks he just tries to make a reply that won't require him to talk much more. He can be very dark and sinister at times as well.

Special Titles:
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:0
Fighting Type/Style:Fuuninjutsu, Ninjutsu(Secondary)
Sub Fighting style:N/A

  • 50x Kunai Laced inside the top torso part of the Cloak and Vest.
  • 100 ft. Spool of Wire
  • Five Scrolls marked with Jikūkan seals

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:N/A

Bloodline Limits:N/A

Jutsu Total:0
  • Kawarmi
  • Henge
  • Bunshin

Missions Completed:0

  • D-Rank:0
  • C-Rank:0
  • B-Rank:0
  • A-Rank:0
  • S-Rank:0
  • Total:0

Zerus knew not much of his past, he only started remembering his life when he was age 5, in Konoha with this old man who claimed to be a relative of Zerus. This old man and Zerus trained a lot, and the old man taught much to Zerus until Zerus was age 7. At around this time, the old man was diagnosed with a terrible sickness. The was no cure, and he was guaranteed death. On his deathbed, the old man told some things to Zerus. He confessed he was not a distant relative, just a close family friend, but after Zerus' parents death, he took him in and raised him like he was his son. He also told Zerus his place of origin, and he informed him he and his parents were descendants of a small poor clan from Uzushiogakure. He mentioned just like his ancestors, his parents were powerful fuuninjutsu shinobi, and perhaps Zerus can pick up on this.

After graduating from the ninja academy at age 11, Zerus set out on a journey to perhaps find out about some his family history, and see if he himself can carry out as a Fuuninjutsu Shinobi. He was able to find the son of Zerus' former guardian and the son told Zerus about how once his father set out on a journey to some home in a small village, one of a good family friend. The son told Zerus of this villages location, and soon after, and being this was a possible lead Zerus was well on his way to find this village, and the only possible thing to link him to his past.

Zerus eventually made it to this village and found it to be a very backwater village, in the far outskirts of the Land of Fire. However, many people here knew of his parents and knew of their death. Apparently when the village was raided one night, the two parents of Zerus gave their lives to save the village and their son. Most of the village was left in shambles after that night, which is also why is an eyesore now. Zerus asked if his parents house was still in good condition, which to his luck, it was. He went to it and found a lot of scrolls and books on his family history. He then found a weird looking seal while reading some scrolls. He investigated this seal and found it to be in many of the scrolls made by his dad. Apparently, it was a technique developed to teleport things, but Zerus wanted to take it a step further. He spent five years developing and testing a Fuuninjutsu technique known as Jikūkan Ninjutsu Seal Arts, which involved an intricate set of seals to teleport humans. After becoming skilled in this art, Zerus went back to Konoha and started training more in his Jikūkan arts, to become a more powerful shinobi and carry on his family's legacy.

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PostSubject: Re: Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin   Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:24 pm

The ability was revoked, noticed something I was oblivious too.


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PostSubject: Re: Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin   Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin Icon_minitime1Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:19 pm

Screw it lad, I had a change of heart...Let him go, I'll approve this, we need to get these profiles out of this section anyway..let go!

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PostSubject: Re: Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin   Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin Icon_minitime1

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Zerus Setsuna - Konohagakure Genin
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