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 Kenshi Yurakata Sunagakure Genin

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Mitsuomi Sensui
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PostSubject: Kenshi Yurakata Sunagakure Genin   Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:41 am

Name: Kenshi Yurakata
Alias: The Survivor
Weight:126 lbs

Appearance: Kenshi is known for his striking appearance as he is one that is barely able to masquerade unnoticed, mainly blamed because of his lineage Kenshi appears as a small boy with the tattoo of the Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ (Dragon Hunters) across the left side of his chest. The tattoo consists of a dragon binded by the weapon of a Shinobi God of the past, something known quite well to be seen in the Yurikata family. Kenshi also possesses a multi-colored hair style holding green, purple, blue and red bangs across his face most of which covers his damaged left eye. The rest of his hair is a faded gray leading into black. Kenshi wears a dark blue shinobi kimono as well as gauntlets matching the same shinobi concept on both of his wrists. The pants are connected to a sort of foot dressing that contains a special material known to be used for silencing his foot steps.

Hair:Grey w/ red, purple, blue and green bangs
Eyes:Naturally Green

Personality:Kenshi is a very well mannered and respectful individual that shows a strong sense of maturity for his age. He is always calm no matter what the situation and has heightened analytical skills as he is able to depict an opponent's strength and flaws simply upon observation. Kenshi appears to have no grasp of the concept of fear as he had experienced the most fear he believes a child can endure. Kenshi is known for speaking to others as though he has years of experience in his words despite the fact that he is a child. Through some degree Kenshi also contains a noble mentality having great respect for shinobi of skill as well as words of encouragement for those still in the midst of training. He is dedicated to duty and success of a mission no matter what the cost but will never hesitate to delay the mission if a comrade is in need.

Special Titles:none
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:0
Bloodline:Dokushingan - Shoubu Clan
Fighting Type/Style:Ninjutsu Master, Taijutsu Secondary, Fuuinjutsu
Sub Fighting style:

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline Limits:

Jutsu Total:3


Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

Background: Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ a legendary clan of warriors hailing in the Snow Country for hundreds of years possibly longer, existed since the origin of shinobi. Their actions the time of their existence was one of intense secrecy. They were never considered actually Shinobi until the era of the Sage of Six Paths but it was believed that they actually were the first to conduct ninshou (later to be known as Ninjutsu). The Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ were called the Dragon Hunters as they first originated as a militia of fighters from the Snow Country that formed to destroy mythical fire breathers that constantly attacked the country, however in due time they rose to become the only military might that kept the Country's neutrality from others. Their act of protection was one that was almost worshiped by the people of Snow Country who viewed them as Deities because of their ability to influence the power of not only strong monsters but other fighters as well, it was a sight unlike anything the people had witnessed, powers seeming like those of a god coming from a few members of the Ryuu Hanta's eyes. It was indeed strange as this power was not popular during the beginning of the militia however as it expanded the power began surface after a man known to be of the Shoubu name entered.

When the country entered War due to the widespread of violence through the nations, the Snow Country was no exception. They were known to possess the most powerful fighters at the time and before long countries far and wide began to seek the might of the Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ. The Hanta became arrogant and cocky because of their skills allowing the unit formed for the Snow Country's protection to perform mercenary tasks by anyone who matched their price. Overtime they were given land in all countries and because of such a great few countries began birthing warriors possessing this same god like eye that made the Ryuu Hanta known.

In time the countries began moving into war and the world was in a dark time, nations were sending members of the Hanta to face each other on their behalf and soon the unit ended killing off their own to satisfy their clients. The Snow Country was disgraced and soon the numbers of the Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ reduced to the hundreds until a sage who traveled the world preaching the power of chakra and peace ended the conflict of nations. Sadly this did not bring back the lost lives of the Hanta that fought in pride, the unit was disbanded and members branched off into deeper regions of the same countries that they once fought for.

A great number of years later during the third great Shinobi war, another person with the name Shoubu appeared, this time being a woman. She displayed exceptional abilties all coming from her eyes however at this time it was in competition with other visual techniques that began surfacing, this woman's eyes were not as feared as the other visual techniques. Many began overlooking until more and more of the same eyes began appearing, mainly of the the descendants of the Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ who were known for their Dragon Tattoo that reminded them of their origin. The Yurakata, a family that was known to have the most descendants of the Hanta was an exception to this blood. They were not granted the eyes considered by most to be godly and wondered why.

During this time a monk who came from the Snow country all the way to Sunagakure - The Yurakata place of residence at the time- in hopes of finding a descendant of the man who entered under the name of Shoubu. This monk explained that the Snow Country had a hidden group of warriors (Now called Shinobi) that possessed a special blood granting them eyes capable of things unseen by shinobi of the modern era, however he explained that such power came at a steep price. The monk explained that because of their power the user was stripped of their sight due to overuse, a fate that made the legendary fighters of Snow Country scarce in numbers. The Yurakata were not worried about the consequences and began seeking out those with the heritage of Shoubu, this was not hard being that since the beginning the members with the power were almost impossible to avoid. They had something special about them, nothing too flashy but it was just a vibe they gave that would make one question their mind about who the person could be. In time the family members that were successful in marrying the Shoubu discovered began birthing children in hopes of gaining the same power for their family name.

Despite their efforts there was almost no children born with the power. The Yurakata questioned the monk in anger wondering what was happening. He spoke of only a selected few being able to attain the power and also assured the Family that soon enough they would be granted one. After much trying, it happened a member was born with immense power growing into an exceptional shinobi, aside from this he held the same visual powers that made the Hanta famous. Unfortunately like the monk warned them, this member went blind. The Yurakata were furious and searched for the monk finding him quite promptly. When the monk tried to explain, in rage the Yurakata killed him, they decided that in order to master the power they would need to create a special ability capable of completely suppressing the side effects of the Doujutsu. There was one problem however, to attain the final part of the ability they would need a special source and to gain this, the village council would need to be executed. If this was done they would be unable to interfere.

It took a few decades before the family decided to attempt this however they were halted before they could even try by the ANBU black ops, most of the members meeting their end in a bloody fight. A few months later a a boy named Kenshi was born into the family possessing a high chakra level not average for a child. It was believed that he was going to be one of the few to attain the eyes and so he was entrusted with the fate of the family. Kenshi grew to become a respected member of the family and by the age of 6 he entered the ninja academy. Kenshi excelled in all his classes only holding one problem, due to his strong chakra level he was not able to do basic jutsu without damaging himself. The Yurakata family decided that to fix this the would grant him an ability that would help in his mastering of his chakra. Kenshi adapted well as the elders expected however there was something that they realized through his mastering of the technique. Kenshi seemed to not only grasp the concept of the technique perfectly, but understood that by using the technique he could heighten his body's recovery rate to the damage once caused by his chakra. Kenshi's father, a genius shinobi came up with a theory to try applying this concept of recovery to the sight of Kenshi. There was only one thing however, Kenshi had no damage done to his sight and therefore could not heal it.

The Yurakata modified the ability again and again trying to make it work in Kenshi's favor however the ability remained imperfect. There was nothing there capable of completely stopping the inevitable blindness that is to come, the family worked constantly trying to find a breakthrough and after much trying the had it. The ANBU black ops however became wise to what the family was doing and in such launched an all out assassination on the Yurakata in hopes of finishing off the rising threat once and for all. The battle was more fierce and bloody than before and a young Kenshi only 8 years of age had his life in the hands of the shinobi of his own village. They killed both of Kenshi's parents and attempted to claim Kenshi's life by sending a Kunai impale him through the skull. Kenshi managed to slightly evade at the cost of his left eye. Trying to escape with his life Kenshi was placed into a two year coma due to a series of explosive tags used to wipe the remainders of the Yurakata family.

Awakening from his coma Kenshi suffers from a small sense of amnesia about his family lineage but remember seeing his parents death. Strangely enough he holds no hatred to the ninja of his village for betraying and still continues to progress towards an unknown goal that he has to become a great ninja. Kenshi lives alone at the deeper ends of Sunagakure only known to some as the survivor of the Ryuu Hanta 腴œƒƒ潟‚帥ƒ Yurakata family slaughter.

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-Mitsuomi Sensui

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PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Yurakata Sunagakure Genin   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:31 am

Great character - love how you intermingled the Yurakata's predecessors, the Ryuu Hanta's, one of the many different families that intermingled with the Shoubu bloodline. Seeing as how this is my own personal clan, it means a lot to see how you've created this character's back story and I'm looking forward to seeing him in play.


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Kenshi Yurakata Sunagakure Genin
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