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 Mission up for grabs.

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PostSubject: Mission up for grabs.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:06 pm

The storm blew pasts the outsides of the village, the weather seemed to be crying out in the force of nature, the land of Kumogakure was indeed the worst to be hit with such a weather pattern but then again it was to be expected after all they did live in the mountains. Shigeyasu the legendary Raikage of the village of Kumogakure sat at the desk of his office as he folded his handa lacing his fingers together, placing them down allowing his elbows to rest on the desk. His eyes Grey eyes still held the usual sternness that came with the job of Raikage as he was not in a joking mood. There was work to be done and he knew there had to be some shinobi willing to do it. It was not a dangerous task but would become one of many to be expected, so be the fate of the Shinobi.

There was a notice going around for all the Shinobi of the village, old and young alike, that the Raikage had a special mission for those skilled enough to perform it. Shigeyasu was a man who placed no one to waste as this mission even though minor, would place a strain on the minds of Genin or Chunin attempting to perform said mission. Upon the arrival of the Genin or Chunin willing to place themselves, body and soul on the line to do their country a great deed by accepting the mission, Shigeyasu, their faithful Kage had some words of encouragement.

"Thank you for heeding the request to have this assignment done...I'm under the assumption that you are aware of the task at hand..Well..Here it is." Shigeyasu reached into a drawer of the desk as he pulled out a scroll with details of the mission that he had in need of being done. Shigeyasu unfolded the scroll as he went over a slight briefing on what the mission was going to entail, he expected that this mission be done thorough and without fail. Summing up the last points on the mission he closed the scroll handing it to the mission acceptor leaving them with these final words.
"And thats the basis of this whole thing any questions?...Good didn't think so, now get to it."


Mission NameFinding the Source
Rank: D (Genin only)
Reward: 40 experience points.
Requirements for completion: User must conduct a well detailed mission thread that will contain a total of 7 posts for completion before returning to the Kage.
Number Of Shinobi Needed: 1 to 2 maximum.
Mission Discription:Throughout the village of Kumogakure there have been some reports of stolen ninja scrolls. Most of the scrolls were seen in the possession of civilians, the Raikage would send out ANBU in a case like this in order to effectively end the crisis, however he fears that by taking such an action, it may cause the people of the village to panic. Being that a weaker Genin are normally seen running around the village doing things like this it would make them perfectly able to masquerade among the people giving them the intention that there are doing simple deeds. 4 Civilians have been spotted at different locations of Kumogakure with the scrolls and seem to be passing them among along to failed Genin for a price.Themission is to track down these 4 civilians and get the scrolls from each of them returning to the Kage without drawing too much attention from normal civilians.

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Mission up for grabs.
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