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 Shen Sōjirō NPC Takigakure

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PostSubject: Shen Sōjirō NPC Takigakure    Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:41 pm

Name:Shen Sōjirō
Alias: "The Taijutsu God", Shinka, Creator Of The New Shinobi World
Weight:240 lbs

Appearance: Shen is a strongly built muscular man with light purple and grey hair. He is very tall and always is known to spawn a strong chakra aura (in some cases similar to a Junchuriki) that is notably visible to the naked eye. He wears a red Kimono that he usually never has the robe on and is known for his countless battle scars across his chest. His eyes are golden, the Takigakure headband worn around the waist of his pants, and has the scabbard for his sword. One thing known to be seen on Shen is his graphic tattoo that begins from the lower right side of his hip and continues across his chest along to his back only covering the right side. The tattoo displays a powerful Demonic Shogun, a tiger both seen on the back and front of his body, and other tribal like designing.

Hair:light purple (top bangs), White
Ethnicity: Mizu no Kuni (Formally)

Personality: Shen possesses a very serious yet calm mentality, never speaking in anger nor in sorrow. His words are stern and can be taken to the heart as he makes sure that everything he says, he says with meaning. His words are absolute and defiance to him is something not tolerated, aware of his fighting skill he often would share tales of his past in quotes to what he has seen in life. He is merciless to opponents, and failure is not tolerated from his subordinates. Shen considers himself to be Evolution among Shinobi due to his developed techniques the Naimenteki na ansatsu mono seigyo 内面的な暗殺者制御 (Literally Meaning: Inner Assassin's Control). He is considered a God by his disciples as his power in battle far exceeded that of the average Shinobi training.

Special Titles:Self Proclaimed Takikage 滝影 (Waterfall Shadow)
Missing Ninja Class:A

    Alignment:Lawful Evil

Experience Points:1,500
Element:Katon, Futon, Doton
Fighting Type/Style:Taijutsu Master, Ninjutsu Secondary
Sub Fighting style:Armed Taijutsu

  • Zenshi Kajita (Sword)
  • Nunchaku
  • Shuriken x 20

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:


Combat style Jutsu:


Bloodline Limits:None

Jutsu Total: 12

A-Ranked Jutsu


C-Ranked Jutsu:

Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:


Shen Sojiro was the second born of the Sojiro Family, his elder brother Benji first born and deemed to be Family Heir. His other younger brother and two younger sisters soon followed suit.

Born in Sunagakure during the spring to Kouta and Asa Sojiro, Leaders of their Family, Shen's commanding nature already brought him high hopes amongst the elders of his clan. Like the Sunaton users of the same land, his own family held unquestionable laws and believed that strength and authority mattered above most things. Like the leaders in Sunaton, the Sojiro Family was neutral and didn't believe in involving themselves in conflicts that did not directly involve their own people. In fact, they had a common belief: Humility and Humanity. Even Shen was quite passionate in his devotion to these words, this concept, for to deny these ways was not only a shame to human kind, but blood lusting and cruel. Strength and power should not equal the destruction of any creature of any kind. They also had a common enemy: Shihai Hikari, the nomadic shinobi militia group that would have given even Akatsuki a run for their money back in the day.

Yes...that was what Shen believed to be the right path.

Soon afterward, the family was forced to flee the country for their very survival. There are many rumors as to what caused them to go into hiding, running toward the lands of Takigakure, but all they know for certain is that they could not return to the lands of Sunagakure for quite some time.

Though it was deemed Benji's right to be the Head of the family, that did not mean that Shen had no desire to take it from his elder brother. After all, power was something that the young Shen had come to both admire and thirst for while watching his mother and father rule over their people. The unquestioned authority; the dominance shown amongst others; the overall commanding aura that came with the title of "Leader." Shen wanted it, and be damned if he wouldn't have it.

Shen had only one close friend growing up and that was his best friend, Kisho. Though together most would wonder how the two became such close friends in the first place. Where Shen was boisterous and commanding, Kisho was quiet and observant.

Upon reaching his 15th birthday, his father Kouta turned to Benji, Shen, and Amano, giving them the position of Musha, the warrior rank of their clan, soon after. Through this, Kouta would be able to determine if either of his elder sons would be able to make efficient Clan Leaders. Their father was not a strict believer in the thinking, "eldest gets the right," because it wasn't about what order you were born, but how effective you were as a warrior and as a leader. Amano, not much for fighting, was immediately tossed from Kouta's mind to be his heir. The two others, Benji and Shen, however, were a different matter. Though Benji was larger and stronger in comparison to his brother, Shen showed great tactical skills and the ability to think on his toes and overpower his brother's brute strength with the swiftness of his own body and overtake him by using Benji's strength against him.

This pleased Kouta. But his decision would not be final for at least another year. Shen turned 16.

During one of the raids of a foreign country trying to intrude on their territory (an attack initiated not the first time by an outside nation to overtake their small land of Takigakure), Shen had managed to chase one of the Upper Ranks atop a mountain. However, there was a river of boiling acid not too far in one of the caves. Shen chased the ninja into the cave but the foolish shinobi, not knowing it was a river of acid, jumped in and splashed the liquid toward Shen. He managed to jump back in time, but the liquid sprayed along his stomach and and back, leaving several scars across his body. He returned to his village victorious, but the healers of his clan had to immediately tend to his wounds otherwise he would be damaged with heavy consequences. They managed to keep his skin intact and from burning too badly, but instead of it returning to its natural hue, it burned a darker color that resembled the claw marks of a tiger that startled most at first who looked at him. Shen reacted violently after that and the healers claimed that some of the acid's essence had taken root into his soul, making him aggressive and malicious. It was like he had evolved into something even more deadly.

During that year, he'd acquired his nickname: Shinka. His given name was rarely used anymore...Shen was slowly starting to disappear.

At age 17, Benji and Shinka's wives were chosen for them by their parents and the Elders of the Sojiro Clan. Tomomi, one of the Elder's granddaughters, was chosen as Shinka's mate. She was a beautiful woman with jet black hair, olive skin and piercing green eyes. Almost all the males were instantly jealous of Shinka because not only was Tomomi beautiful, she was intelligent and a skilled fighter. Even Kouta had to admit that she was excellent spousal material, hence why he'd chosen her to be the wife for Shinka. Emiko, though more gentle in personality than Tomomi, had an equally keen mind and was wise beyond her years. Another great candidate for female leader alongside the Head and she was chosen to be Benji's mate.

Where Benji showed great love toward Emiko, Shinka did not love Tomomi. It was irritating that his wife had been chosen for him, and in addition to that, Tomomi's attitude and arrogance annoyed him. It was one thing to have one pushy clan member in a relationship, but add another one and Shinka would be quite ready to tear someone's throat out. In addition to this, she still insisted upon calling him by his given name, a name that he only allowed his immediate family and Kisho to call him.

The rift continued to form between Tomomi and Shinka until she gave birth to his children: twin boys the first year and a little girl the following year. They were named Kazuya, Masao, and Chiyoko. To Shinka, they were his world.

A little after a year total when the three were born, the time for the chosen clan leader would be at hand. Shen was 19. His father was willingly going to step down and allow one of his sons and their wife to take his place. But first, there would be three tests of skill. One would be to earn a rare summoning contract and return to the village in two weeks time. The second would be bring an item (anything from a rock, leaf, flower) from another country and bring it back in tact. The final test would be to have an all out battle between the two brothers. Shinka succeeded in the first task, gaining a contract with the Kyodaigumo whereas his brother returned with a Ninhachi summon. Since the Kyodaigumo was affiliated with the Otogakure and not of their own village, making it difficult to capture because of the borderlines, Kouta deemed Shinka the winner. The second task, however, Benji proved to be the most successful. Both brothers returned with a flower, but because of Shinka's hot-headed temper, he had to fight his way through the other shinobi to obtain the flower and return with it, the flower dripping with blood. Benji was able to conduct diplomacy and was welcomed to take anything with him.

Then, the final test commenced with both brothers having won one task successfully.

It was a harsh battle and both Benji and Shinka seemed not to give up. But in the end, after conducting a very powerful shoulder slam combined with an aerial dive onto his brother's side, Shinka was proclaimed the winner and new clan leader with his wife, Tomomi.

Shinka's reign was anything but a harsh one. It was disciplined, yes, but to let things get out of hand while he'd taken over would have only proven shameful. Kouta, his father, and Asa, his mother, helped him by giving him good advice and always reminding him to be patient and an honorable ruler. Things were fine for a few more years. The children would soon reach their toddler-hood and Shinka was a proud and dedicated father. But he still refused to show any kind of affection toward his wife, Tomomi. Little did Shinka know that his actions would soon drive not only Tomomi to respond with actions of insanity, but would also be the cause of Shinka becoming slightly off-kilter himself.

After returning from a group raid to fend off enemy ninjas from swarming into the country, he caught Tomomi sneaking off into the woods alone. Shinka followed her and realized that she was meeting up with a male who was not of the same village, but a neighboring one on the outskirts of the five larger nations. Instead of revealing himself there, he watched the two engage in their "courtship" and Tomomi then returned to the village. However, Shinka made sure to follow the ninja and killed the man just outside the village, leaving his corpse out where all the scavengers could gain access to it. Tomomi would be severely punished later.

Unfortunately for Shinka, he did not slay this ninja like he believed he had. In fact, he was very much alive.

He returned to the village and his home, seeing Tomomi sleeping beside their children. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her onto a nearby table, knocking everything over before he held her in the air, waking their children up. Tomomi, trying to play innocent, realized just what it was that Shinka was so angry about. Then the fighting began...first it was verbal with Shinka calling her a harlot of a woman and Tomomi responding that Shinka was insensitive and without a heart, that she'd fallen in love with a man a thousand times better than Shinka would ever be.

According to her, Shinka loved nothing and no one. However, when her eyes reached their children, the love of Shinka's life, a dark smirk formed on her face and she transformed, knocking him off to the side unsuspectingly. A crazed look flashed in her emerald eyes, as though she'd literally gone mad. Before Shinka could recover himself, Tomomi had already succeeded in killing their second child, Masao, while Kazuya's neck was in her grasp. The boy didn't have time to cry out to his father as Tomomi snapped her son's neck.

Shinka instantly was on top of Tomomi, ready to slaughter her, but she took advantage of his blind rage and wriggled out from under him, scooping up Chiyoko in her arms and slamming the child's head onto the nearby shelf, shattering her cranium. Tomomi's hands were stained with blood, the blood of their children...and that was the last thing Shinka saw before he completely blacked out.

When the shinobi came to, he was being held down by his two brothers, Amano and Benji, the metallic taste of blood literally swimming in his mouth. Once back to reality and able to gather his thoughts, he shoved his two brothers off of him and spat the blood in his mouth on the floor of his home. He looked toward the bedroom area and saw that Tomomi had been torn to shreds, almost unrecognizable. His body was completely covered in blood, as though he'd bathed in it.

After a proper burial had been given to his now deceased children (Shinka tossed the remains of Tomomi's body off a mountain), the Elders (and his parents) decided that he needed some time off to go and regather his thoughts. Handing the reins of Clan Leader to his brother, Benji, he left his home of Takigakure in search of finding a reason to live again...whether it was to kill others who stood in his way or whether it was to reclaim more territory of his own, Kisho still by his side...

When his children were killed, Shinka's thirst for power only grew as well as his thirst for the blood of traitors. He would tolerate neither power being withheld from him...nor would he tolerate those who even hinted at betraying him.

Along their travels, Kisho did not question Shinka's reason for constantly hungering for power. He only obediently stayed by his "brother's" side, hoping to calm his rage. Their travels led them far and wide and Shinka began to see just how different his country's lifestyle was in comparison to the world outside of the mountains. Everything was full of bustling noise and vibrant colors. It screamed power and desire...something he longed for. Little did he realize that someone was watching him and just as Shinka was eagerly soaking in the modern world around him, this certain individual drank in Shinka's being. He had found a new successor to take over his trying, but honorable, ideals.

It was after Shinka's 21st birthday that he met Deunan Aizu, a shinobi who had been keeping tabs on Shinka ever since he killed his Second in the mountaintops so many years before. Yes, Deunan Aizu was the leader of the notorious group of shinobi known as "Shihai Hikari." When he revealed himself unto Shinka, the former Clan Leader immediately wanted to tear a new breathing hole into the Leader of Shihai Hikari. However, a shocking mystery was soon uncovered after Deunan easily defeated Shinka, warning Kisho not to interfere lest his best friend be torn to ribbons before his eyes. It was at this moment that Deunan revealed to Shinka the root of what had caused his wife to go insane with resentment to the point of murdering their own children...


The one who Tomomi had met out in the fields during a moonless night whilst shedding tears of bitterness toward Shinka was a male ninja of a nameless family from Konoha. However, he possessed a Jinchuriki. Tomomi did not know that the vile thing was the enemy possessing a demon in his body and he used this to his advantage, lusting and seducing her into his web of lies to reveal things about the Sojiro Clan so he could report to his village. They became "lovers," Tomomi allowing the her Night Lover to taste her as she got to experience the ecstasy of a man's deep and passionate embrace. With each new "bite," Tomomi gave up more and more of her deepest secrets to the young male of the Fire Country. It was during this moment when Shinka realized that he hadn't actually killed the male, but he made himself appear to be dead in time to go and report to his village.

Takigakure was probably no more...though there was a chance they were still alive.

Shinka was furious with this. Konoha had destroyed his family, his life, his home. Because of the demonic Jinchurki, Shinka probably had lost everything dear to him. Deunan offered him the proposition of getting his revenge on the foul creatures if he allowed him to be taken under his wing and train him in the ways of Shihai Hikari. He would grant Shinka complete and total access to all their information networks and, with diligence and obedience, he would obtain Deunan's current rank...the leader of Shihai Hikari, future ruler of all shinobi of every nation and the root destruction of every single disgusting Jinchuriki on the face of this planet.

The young Shinka took the offer without hesitation and he and Kisho were initiated into the world of Shihai Hikari. Shinka would never be the same ever again. Five years of training, learning, killing ninja and mastering a ferocious Taijutsu technique on a seemingly daily basis had a way of changing a person. Another six years later, Deunan retired as Shihai Hikari's leader and named Shinka his heir. As his first task as Shihai Hikari's leader, he would need to familiarize himself with the world and begin recruiting one ninja after another, even bringing in those who'd had their families slaughtered by Jinchuriki and who wanted revenge. With a silk tongue, it wasn't all that difficult to turn mourning, angry children and young adults to his side of thinking.

During his travels, he met a woman named Satsuki Henshin, a gentle and caring soul who wanted only but to ease Shinka's anger and heartache. A simple medical-nin from Konoha village, he wanted nothing to do with her at first. However, after constantly taking care of his wounds when he would come wandering through the forest after some battle, Shinka began to open up his heart to her. The two eventually fell in love and this relieved Kisho's worries. His best friend, his "brother," was able to find love at last, to find something to live for other than blind hatred. Satsuki and Shinka had a small ceremony, discreetly, and gave birth to a beautiful young girl two years later. They named her Nuriko.

Slowly, Shen was starting to return to the surface, forcing Shinka below the fading darkness in his heart. Two years passed.

Rumors of rampaging Jinchuriki soon reached the village. It was as though Konoha was forever cursed to be ravaged by some demon hellbent on destruction. But seeing as how this was the village that his wife had been born and raised, and the place where he wanted to raise his daughter, Shen felt there was no choice but to protect his child. However, Satsuki could not allow for the Jinchuriki to be slaughtered, nor did she wish for her husband to lose his life. So in haste, he did the only thing he could do. Sealed the Jinchuriki inside of something - someone.

He chose his two year-old daughter as the holder of this demonic entity.

Quickly he and his wife fled, Kisho again by his side, and went to the only place he knew he could travel to: Iwagakure. Leaving his daughter there, so oblivious and tired from the journey, asked the child to stay there and prayed that he would be able to return for her. But Konoha ninjas were surely on his trail and would try to kill the child, as well as his wife for suggesting to keep the Jinchuriki alive. The one thing he'd come to hate, to detest and wished to destroy, was now inside his youngest child, his only living daughter.

ANBU gave chase and were able to overtake Satsuki with ease, killing her as she attempted to shield her husband. Though he wished to retrieve his wife's body, to bury her properly, Kisho knew that his friend had to live if not for the sake of his daughter who would never know her mother and never remember her face, or the face of her father. A new burning hatred fueled him and he wanted nothing more than to take control of the world. He would claim the world so that he could give it to his daughter, as well as inherit the style that he'd spent his whole life creating to pass down to her. She would be unstoppable, as would the force of his power to further push her onward.

Though Shinka returned as his persona, there was a part of Shen that wanted to be reminded of his departed wife and now abandoned child. Returning to Takigakure, he saw that things were in complete chaos and once he'd initiated Shihai Hikari to take over the country, fewer and fewer people dared enter Taki for fear of the power ninja who need not rely on Ninjutsu - but on the power of their fists and elements. After things had settled and Shen re-established his rule, he proceeded to get the tattoos of two tigers on his body: one to represent the first and last woman he would ever love, and his daughter, Nuriko.

He just prayed that she was still alive so that she would be able to inherit the legacy he was creating for her. Shen would give his daughter the world.

"Don't even...You will get abused.."

-Mitsuomi Sensui

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PostSubject: Re: Shen Sōjirō NPC Takigakure    Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:16 pm

Looks good! I'm gonna have to say that


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Shen Sōjirō NPC Takigakure
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