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 Mission Name: Catch that Guppy!

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Jack Jaeger

Jack Jaeger

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PostSubject: Mission Name: Catch that Guppy!   Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:58 am

Mission Name: Catch that Guppy!
Rank: D
Requirements: E-Rank Shinobi or Higher
Description: The local fish market has had some issues with catching a rather large fish in the pond, assist them without harming the fish as they want it in good condition for cooking. This mission needs to be preformed before the market closes as the fish should not be spoiled, so try not to embarrass yourself in front of the crowds.
Reward: Based on Performance, Return to Kage

"Goddamn it! I wanted to kill something not catch some damn fish.." Yu said under his breath. Yu was in front of a large pond in the middle of the market. Everyone was staring at him as his shirt was off. He didnt want to get his armor wet either so naturally he didn't even wear it to this mission. Apparently his mission was to catch some stupid fish in some stupid pond for some stupid cook so he could make it for some stupid customer. Yu quickly put his hand in the water only to yank it out as the water was freezing. He was poking at the water only for the fish to swim to the opposite side of the pond, apparently fish didn't like him very much. He couldn't use his kunai as it would damage the fish so he had to use his hands.

"Look at the man mommy! Hes playing with the fish!" A boy exclaimed to his mother.
"Don't look at strangers, especially those kind son." Yu wanted to catch a fish just to hit the woman with it. As he finally stuck his whole hand into the water he looked toward it but none of the fish were near him. What could he do to get the fish to come toward him? Yu quickly went to the store right next to him to buy some bread. He began to tear the bread up and throw it into the water. All of the small unedible fish came toward him but the one he needed to get wouldn't. He threw the loaf of bread at the big fish only for it to swim towards him, jump out of the water and slap him with its fin.

"Gah! Evil fucking fish!" He had been humiliated by a salty little bastard. He quickly bought another loaf of bread and threw it at the fish attempting to catch it only to be slapped again. Yu quickly bought a third loaf of bread and did the same thing only this time he activated his Sharingan. "Wow." he said to himself. "The first time I can use my Sharingan and its against some disrespectful fish..." He quickly caught the fish and brought it to the cook for him to make for the same stupid woman who said he was some weird stranger guy. He quickly realized that he gave the fish to the wrong vendor!

"Wait dont eat that it's not for you!" The woman slapped him and took the fish away with her son. As he laid on the ground another cook was yelling at him for performing the mission for the wrong vendor. Yu performed his actions yet again, throwing yet another loaf of bread at yet another disrespectful fish and catching said disrespectful fish with his sharingan. This time he gave it to the right cook who made it for a rather nice young couple who thanked Yu for getting the fish for them.

"Now to go back to the Kage's office!!!"
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Mission Name: Catch that Guppy!
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