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 Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin

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Mitsuomi Sensui
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Mitsuomi Sensui

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PostSubject: Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:42 pm

Name:Rokuro Sengoku
Weight:156 lbs

Appearance: Rokuro is a pale skinned jet black spikey hair, his eyes are dark with an emerald colored Iris. Rokuro is also known to always wear a black jacket and black undershirt as well as have a strange neck ornament hanging just above his chest. He wears black gloves, dark pants as well as wears black boots. Always carrying his sword Supiritto Nusubito スピリット盗人 (Literally Meaning: Spirit Stealer) Rokuro is a man who few are able to not notice passing, he is constantly haunted by a dark green chakra presence that surrounds his body.

Primary Attire

Rokuro's Alternative attire shows less influence from his sword as his eyes are not completely darkened but will remain Emerald because of it's power. He also will gain a little more lightening to his skin pale complexion. The main difference in attire is his green robe with a light green rope tied to it, that goes around his shoulders almost like a cape, it lightly covers his black kimono torso wear that he wears only over the right half of his body, the other side and body underneath the kimono, is wrapped in bandages that would usually be covered by the kimono if worn fully.

Alternative Attire.

Hair:Jet Black
Body:Atheltic/ Muscular
Ethnicity:Suna no Kuni

Personality:Rokuro is a person with very few rules that he follows, in such has made him develop a very angry and rebellious personality. Though extremely intelligent, he is very dark hearted and only sees people of power to be the reason that Shinobi still exist. He is a very violent person by nature and merciless in battle to friend of foe, Rokuro has a slight sense of respect towards his comrades but only due to each of their immense strength. He is often quiet unless spoken to, yet very foul mouthed in response to people. Rokuro does not care if he makes the legion of friends as he often says kindness leads to weakness in a person's heart.

Special Titles:None
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:
Bloodline: Rareta haka Hokousha 禁じられた墓歩行者
Fighting Type/Style: Ninjutsu Primary, Taijutsu Primary
Sub Fighting style:

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline Limits:


Jutsu Total:3


Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

Background:There was no one left of the once great noble Sengoku Family of Sungakure, A searing flame from an unknown source left the once great family eradicated. Not a single member survived, except one, a child by the name of Rokuro. It was considered a relief to the people of Sunagakure, that family of monsters all dead, it was something that most of them wished deep within their hearts yet never had the courage to do. They wanted to known who was the one with the courage to do such a task, to destroy the family of Afterlife Emissaries, but that person was never found. Perhaps the reason for this was that maybe that person never existed, a feat like the one done would have easily made a person a local hero, yet a public enemy. For days the village wondered about that fateful night, the searing flame of calamity's incineration of a legendary family's location. Everything was gone, not a trace all that remained was this one little boy, so much in fear that he wouldn't even talk.

As he grew, the boy would often return to that area, the place where his family once lived, he never spoke a word, never showed his sorrow for the loss of his family's legacy nor did he weep for their deaths. It was as though all of this was fate, a predetermined destiny of what to expect when Shinobi take things too far, a unspoken pact that brought forth the wrath of a vengeful God of some sort.

The boy knew, somewhere deep down in his soul that he could be next. It was on then that Rokuro decided to make a self proclaimed promise, one that he would take for him for the rest of his life. He decided that this was not going to become his fate, he wanted to restore the legacy of the Sengoku family and the only way how was to become the true Shinobi, a fighting legend, a killing machine.

Rokuro, upon the age of 6 attended the Sunagakure ninja academy making sure to take in everything as he would soon need to become a master. His talents were admired by his teacher however, his lineage was feared by his peers. He went through each and everyday, still in absolute silence. At first it was wondered, was he actually was so traumatized that he literally could not speak? But this was not the case, it was not that he could not speak rather he would not. His mind did all the talking he ever needed telling him, pleading him and in time forcing him to become stronger.

"Be stronger..Be merciless..And you will become a Shinobi." These words echoed everyday through is head, constantly stripping him from his childhood. Rokuro never made any friends, and never really had any one to call father or mother, he lived alone, trained alone, a lifestyle that he adapted to during the ending of his days in the academy. At age 10 he graduated the ninja Academy and was called Genin thus marking his start on a shinobi quest, however there was something he needed to retrieve. Rokuro that same day made his way back to where his family mansion one stood and began digging. He dug for hours until he found an old emerald box, it was expected that he find this when the day came that he was considered a ninja. This was a way to aid him to being a shinobi, something that his Father always told him would be his noble birthright. This birthright was a sword called Supiritto Nusubito スピリット盗人; a supernatural blade that was held as the family heirloom. Upon finding this weapon a smile moved across Rokuro's face as he reached for the sword. Instantly however a strange aura consumed his body, it began to awaken the dormant blood's power changing him. His eyes became darker and his skin pale, the aura that was spawning off of the blade made him feel so powerful that he actually even yelled, "Endless Power!".

The next day Rokuro began his quest to become the ultimate Shinobi which started with him doing a bit of research. He learned that within the Land of Fire in the village of Konohagakure no Sato there lived a clan called Ashikaga that mastered a demon taming technique. It was clear that this was the same art his father was trying to perfect the last night of his life. For some reason that jutsu was so important to him, that he ended up giving his life to try and master it, Rokuro knew that this was something that he himself needed to learn. It may have been the answer to the voices running around through his head, Rokuro wandered on the outskirts of Sunagakure as he encountered someone by the name of Honmaru, a young boy who just so happened to be a member of the Ashikaga clan. The first thought that came to Rokuro's mind was to attack this boy and interrogate him on the power of his clan, but after a little thinking he determined that because he was from Sunagakure he must have been an outcast. Rokuro knew that he would gain nothing from him, so instead he motioned to leave however Honmaru spoke of something that interested him. He explained that he was a traveling storyteller and his illusion cage revealed that from his clan, the Rokkaku was a demon spirit tamed by the ancestors. This changed Rokuro's mind, he demanded that he learn what secret was used to tame a demon. Honmaru offered to show him the ways of the Ashikaga if he would lend his hand as an ally.

Rokuro accepted and now travels with the storyteller hoping that the words he spoke would be true, allowing him to master this technique.

"Don't even...You will get abused.."

-Mitsuomi Sensui

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PostSubject: Re: Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:44 pm

Nice lol, I see that your just making a group of people I like it, I don't see a problem here

Princess Chemical <3

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PostSubject: Re: Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin   Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:07 pm

I think this good so I give it my approval as well: APPROVED

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PostSubject: Re: Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin   

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Rokuro Sengoku - Sunagakure Genin
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