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 list of Raiton (Lightning) Element jutsu

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PostSubject: list of Raiton (Lightning) Element jutsu   Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:42 pm

The techniques followed below are Raiton (Lightning) elemented techniques. These techniques focus purely on offense and support. Remember to copy and paste the jutsu you will be learning when training it you are expected to work hard on the jutsu you wish to learn.


Raiton: Raikyū - Lightning Ball
Rank: D
Type: Offense
Requirement:Raiton as first element
The user after performing the respective hand seals, is able to create a ball of lightning that is sent at a target moving at medium speed. The ball upon contact will burst and damage as well a shock the target and anyone around the target from up to 5 meters. The shocks implemented by the ball that are not direct are minimum.

Raisō: Ikazuchi no Utage - Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning
Rank: C
Type: Offense
Requirement: Sword or other item to transmit lightning
This technique requires no hand seals and is able t.o send surges of lightning through the ground at at desired target electrocuting them so long as the sword or item remains implanted in the ground. There must be a constant concentration of chakra inside of the item to keep the shocking in place but the user does not have to remain near the item sending the electricity. The damage done by this attack is light but gradually picks up, also if caught in the field of electric the user's mobility is sharply decreased.

Rairyū no Tatsumaki - Lightning Dragon Tornado
Rank: C
Type: Offense
Requirment: Raiton as first element
By performing the respective hand seals the user is able to summon a twister of lightning which with careful chakra manipulation is able to form a dragon that will attack any target in sight. The jutsu is limited to one strike but if hit by the attack the damage is extensive. The user is permitted to control the dragons movements using his/her own natural chakra, and can even have the dragon swallow a target whole electrocuting them while imprisoned. This however is not counted as a strike and the electricity use in the dragon is light but if the controller wills it, he/she can destory the dragon counting as the electric strike.

Raiton: Hiraishin - Lightning Release: Flying Thunder God
Rank: A
Type: Offense
After coming into physical contact with the opponent, the user raises their arm into the air, generating a powerful bolt of electricity which will travel through their body into the body of the opponent. The user and opponent both take damage by the generated electricity (Raiton users are not effected at all) although damage to the user is minimal. As long as the contact is made with the opponent they will continuously be electrocuted.

Raiton: Shichū Shibari - Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Rank: S
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
The user of this jutsu is able to summon four rock pillars around the enemy, then shoot bolts of lightning with their chakra using the pillars as conductors, immobilizing the target and possibly doing damage to them.

Purazuma Booru - Plasma Ball
Type: Defense/Support
Requirement: Raiton as first element
Using lightning elemented chakra the user is able to create an electric barrier around themselves and comrades if needed. The barrier defends against all oncoming ninjutsu attacks and any taijutsu that comes into contact with the barrier will cost it's user a dreadful shock. The barrier is used to protect oneself and also for stalling in order to prepare a more powerful ninjutsu, the barrier however will not protect the user against genjutsu and will instantly be dispelled if any other jutsu use successfully used by the user. A skilled shinobi would use this technique to prepare any technique that may require time to use, medical ninja would use this technique in battle to heal injured allies without fear of enemy attackers. Once the electric barrier has weakened it takes time for it to recharge (4 posts maximum). The chakra used in the barrier's creation however is minimal.

Raiton: Kaminari Shibari - Lightning Release: Thunder Binding
Type: Supplementary
Requirment: Chakra conductors
This technique lets the user create a three-sided wall of electricity to bind their opponent. The user must have three conductors to stick in the ground to create the points. Furthermore, once the enemy is inside, if they come into contact with the wall they will be electrocuted. The only way the jutsu can be broken is if an outside party were to strike one of the walls with a strong enough attack, which will then deactivate the other walls.

Raiton Kage Bunshin - Lightning Release: Shadow Clone
Rank: A
Type: Support
Requirement: Raiton as first element.
This technique allows the user to make a shadow clone infused with lightning after performing the respective hand seals. Because it is a shadow clone, it is able to perform jutsu and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching.

Raiton: Jibashi - Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Type: Offense
This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from his hands. The user can vary it's power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock.

Raiton: Kangekiha - Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Rank: C
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
The user generates a large amount of electricity in their hands, which can then be released into conductive materials to shock their foes.

Raiton: Gian - Lightning Release: False Darkness
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
Once the user performs the required hand seals the technique allows them to emit a lightning in the shape of a spear from his/her mouth, which then pierces the enemy. Its destructive power is great enough to even pierce through rock, meaning it has a high killing potential. The user can increase the number of spears to attack multiple enemies. This makes it nearly impossible to evade.

Raimu Raito - Limelight
Type: Tag Team/ Offense
Requirement: A team of four users performing the technique, all users must have Raiton as first element
Limelight is a lightning-based technique that is used when all four users are placed in the cardinal directions. They will then join their lightning-chakra in the form of four connecting streams that shoot high into the sky above the target area. It will then create a lightning blast powerful enough to turn everything into ash within the area. It is considered one of the most powerful and destructive lightning release techniques. Despite this the jutsu takes a massive amount of chakra from all users and preparation time to perform is 4 posts. The range of the technique is 50 yards, and all users must remain stationary until the technique is performed.
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list of Raiton (Lightning) Element jutsu
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