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 Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)

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PostSubject: Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)   Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:07 pm

Name:Haruka (Maiden:Kirozuka) Hatakeyama
Weight:120 lbs

Appearance:Haruka is a very formal Japanese woman with white hair and ghostly blue eyes, she wears a traditional Japanese robe with a blue elegant binding around the waist. It she is known to carry around her katana inside of the laying of the binding but is most noted for her Crow that at one time always stayed by her side standing on her shoulder. It's teal eyes were another sign of her, as she was the first in many years to have they're crows eyes be this color.

Eyes:Ghostly Blue

Personality:Haruka harbors a radiant personality as she is very mellow and nice about many things, in the way that she speaks she shares her knowledge and advice to anyone that seeks it, and shows an unbelievable amount of kindness and generosity towards her two sons. She carries with her a lot of traits from her youngest son Musashi but in her youth held a strong resemblance in persona to her elder son Sasaki. She loves both of them dearly and is willing to go to any lengths to assist them.

Title:Chunin (Retired)
Special Titles:none
Missing Ninja Class:

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:
Bloodline:Kirozuka Clan
Element:Raiton, Futon
Fighting Type/Style:Taijutsu Primary, Ninjutsu Primary
Sub Fighting style:

    [Demon Crow:Zenshi ]

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline Limits:

Saisei wo kanseishi 再生を完成しました - Perfected Rebirth
Rank: E - A
Requirement:Born into the Kirozuka clan.
This ability is the bonding link of the user and crow allowing each of them to pass off reserves of chakra to one another. Being that the Crow also contains it's own chakra network like the owner, the Crow will always have reserves of chakra being that it takes the user to use the jutsu which would cause the crow to exhaust any. In such the user and crow are able to lend chakra to each other in order to insure the other is back on their feet. This can be most useful as it would be a great way to replenish if a technique exhausts the user. The ability is also risky as it has no restrictions on how much chakra can be taken from the donor, if too much is taken the user can risk depleting their donor.

Nijuu no seishin 二重の精神 - Double Psyche
Requirement:Born of Kirozuka clan.
This ability allows the user to always know the location of their crow at all times and grants separate sub abilities, a certain bond shared by the two. The user as well as the crow is also able to know when the other is in pain, what the other wants them to do without speaking out formally (In cases the user will understand the caws of the crow), the ability for the user to see through the eyes of their crow at any given time, as well as retain memories collected by the crow even if they are in two different locations. in skilled cases the user is able to allow the crow to gather chakra in placement of themselves in order to perform jutsu. A perfect ability that made the Kirozuka so well known in their rebirth.

Jutsu Total: [3]

Other jutsu forgotten overtime.

Missions Completed:

  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:


The Past

One one year after the great battle the Hatakeyama Family and Kirozuka Clan came to an agreement known as the Denkousekka no sora jouyaku (電光石火の空条約). This treaty marked an end to the constant bloodshed from both side that were caused due to this civil war, it was a time that marked peace in Kumogakure and would later lead it to the peak of it's prosperity. The Hatakeyama were able to completely defeated the high leaders of the Kirozuka in battle and due to the shame of defeat, a great number of the clan retreated to the mountains of their origin to commit suicide wanting to perish with what little honor they had left. The Hatakeyama family believed that because of the great competition that was given by the Kirozuka the remaining members (Now only in the 400's) were allowed to remain within Kumogakure and became honorary members of the Hatakeyama. The remaining members came to an agreement that this was the law that was done and in such lived in peace within the same territory of the Hatakeyama, fighting their battles along side them and brining the family more of it's legendary fame. But as all good things happened for the mutual benefit of the family it was not long before hatred and jealousy took hold over the few Kirozuka.
The Kirozuka fought with all they had along side the Hatakeyama crushing the foes with their united force, brining down all adversaries of Kumogakure, recovering the land from the war of the Great ninja war that was lost, and even began making the name Kumogakure famous throughout the Shinobi world. However the people of the village did not see it this way, they disrespected and hated the Kirozuka and would never give them the appropriate credit for their actions, for the Hatakeyama produced natural Genius ninja that seem to have a mastery at controlling the lightning chakra, the Kirozuka produced ninja that were the backbone of the Kumo Ninja Military. All credit for anything done in the alliances name however was given to the Hatakeyama, and in time people began to see them as second rate being that they were a conquered clan

"Stripped and broken...But never defeated, we lay at the feet of our enemy, forced to stare into the eyes of our father's slayers, and are expected to call them brother..What be the fate of a dog, tormented by the corruption of it's master, should we not show our fangs?..Should we not bite back." This was a speech made in a local Kirozuka clan gathering by the man known as Kirohito; the strongest and new leader of the Kirozuka clan. Every since the day that this treaty Denkousekka no sora jouyaku (電光石火の空条約) came into effect, he was quietly forming a coup d'etat in hopes to one they rebel against the Hatakeyama taking the place of fame that was destined for the family. Like the elders before him, Kirohito held a deep hatred for the Hatakeyama family. His anger spawned ever since his father lead the rest of the clan who could not bare defeat to their suicides, he believed that it was because of the Hatakeyama's shame to all that his ancestors represented, was the cause of this. His anger soon became a lust of revenge and thirst for blood. Even is Crow Kutsuu Hoshi 苦痛星 (Literally Meaning: Hell's Star) was corrupted by his hate and lust for revenge,the Crow's eyes were red, the color of war, blood,and hate.
"The days will come, when the feathers of our birds shall litter the skies with our legacy...And scavenge the remains of theirs.."...Words that marked the beginning of the second wave of hatred said to have been fueling a fire of more hate. The Hatakeyama became wise to this little militia forming among the members of the clan and in time began to see their actions sparking the flames of another war. Shingoku Hatakeyama The head of the family at this time began to contemplate avoiding this war by striking first, using a new forbidden infection jutsu to spread death throughout the clan killing them off in secrecy without the knowledge of the Raikage. He knew it was not the way things should have been done but, like the Raikage at this time he was trying to avoid another civil war. There was one issue though, this jutsu would need time to develop, and Shingoku could sense that they were on the verge to another war, Kirohito seemed to gain more and more support everyday, so he had only one other alternative. He would need to entrust his plan to an heir, his son Shigeyasu Hatakeyama was expected to continue his work and finish developing the jutsu being as he would not be able to completely it in his lifetime. Coincidently Kirohito had a jutsu capable of not only wiping out the entire Hatakeyama family, but also the traitors of Kumogakure itself that turned their back on the clan, but there was only one problem. Kirohito was unable to use this jutsu, it required a special reserve of chakra, one that he no longer had due to him not being as young as he was before, he had no choice but to train someone who had the potential to gain the reserves of chakra to use the jutsu. Kirohito had selected his elder daughter Haruka to be the instrument of his legacy should he die before he could place this jutsu into use.

Haruka entered the academy and excelled as an excellent shinobi, just like her father expected, but she was never praised for her work. Her valor and contributions to the way of the Shinobi were overlooked by the fact that she was of the Kirozuka clan. She was never able to make any friends and was constantly teased in her youth, this caused her to develop a deep hatred to the village she lived in, but more importantly, a hatred to the Hatakeyama for inflicting this pain upon her. As Haruka grew and became a Chunin she was quickly turning her persona into her father's spinning image, inheriting all his hatred and ideals, completely corrupted seeing her only goal being the end the Hatakeyama lifeline.

The Spark of War and Encounter of Shigeyasu

The time of year came around again..The Montoku Heishi (文徳平氏), A ritual created within the main family of the Hatakeyama in which each household selects the heir to the house to do battle against other household's heirs. The Heishi was completed when the last remaining heir was able to defeat all the others thus claiming his right as successor to the family name, this heir was also entrusted with all the jutsu passed down from house leaders before him. Many of the Kirozuka considered this to be a chance for them to change the order system, being that they were considered Hatakeyama they believed that each of their heirs would be able to enter giving them a higher chance of attaining power. The Hatakeyama anticipated that this would have been something they wanted and in such banned the Kirozuka from ever partaking in this ritual, this angered Kirohito even more as it was proof of what he believed, it was also a way for Haruka to witness first hand how little the Hatakeyama respected them. At this time the successor to the family was, as expected, Shingoku's son Shigeyasu. Haruka was forced to look at someone not much older than her as her surpreme leader, however Shigeyasu did not see things this way. He was the first notice how much they had contributed, and actually felt that they deserve a lot more respect than they were getting. He stunned everyone by bowing to Kirohito before his own father after completing the ritual. Haruka however saw this as an attempt to disrespect the clan, he made them all believe that the Hatakeyama family knew what they were up to and began seeking a way to agree to peace. Kirohito was not going to stand for this strong disrespect to his clan and shortly after Shigeyasu's bow he sprung forth and attacked him. Without a moment's hesitation the Kagurazaka's the branch family of the Hatakeyama known as the bodyguards of the family retaliated taking down Kirohito, they placed him under official household arrest and his crime for attacking the new head of the household was not going to be overlooked. He was said to be sentenced to death by execution methods at the hands of the Kagurazaka.

Kirohito's execution was scheduled for 13 days after the attack and the Kirozuka became desperate. With their strongest member in confinement there was no one capable of leading them to the coup d'etat, they began seeking out Shinobi of a higher caliber, one that could at least help them free their leader since Haruka was not ready to lead the clan. The clan went as far as moving out to Konohagakure seeking the assistance of the only clan known to get every mission completely without fail, the Ashikaga 足利氏. The clan managed to gain the assistance of a man named Seihara Ashikaga and he was placed as temporary leader until their original leader was freed. They planned to use his skill of Genjutsu to their advantage and then dispose of him, however they underestimated his skill. He did indeed get their leader out of confinement but being that he found no pleasure on his work, he demanded something of his interest, the secret to the Akuma bado shuzoku 悪魔バード種族. Kirohito was outraged and commanded Seihara to leave Kumogakure and never return, he honored his request however before his leave he raped the spouse and killed the second child of Kirohito. Seeing this as reason to declare war on the village of Konohagakure Kirohito demanded the support of the Hatakeyama but was denied on the fact that the reason this happened was because they brought an outsider to attack the Family. Kirohito was told to suffer due to his foolish mistake as the Ashikaga would surely not allow this cry for war go unanswered. As strong as the Kirozuka were they were no match for the Ashikaga in their prime, yet still the fought with pride as their only weapon. Many were slaughtered with Kirohito being one of them, the clan was at it's weakest being known yet again as a broken defeated shell of it's former self.

A hurt and revenged filled Haruka journeyed in secrecy to Konoha to avenge her father, younger sister and fallen clan members. She decided that it was time to confront the murderous clan that is the Ashikaga and finally show the village of Kumogakure once and for all who the strongest clan is, by defeating one of the ninja world's greatest. Placing all bets on fate she attacked Seihara herself, Haruka had no idea the difference in strength as Seihara was a Jounin compared to her being a Chunin, and because of this she was overwhelmed by the power of his deadly Genjutsu. Seihara made his attempts to kill Haruka but almost like a miracle Shigeyasu came to her aid using his clan's legendary lightning Jutsu to attack and defeat Seihara rescuing Haruka giving her the reason that he deemed her life too precious to just waste. He also explained to her how much he actually appreciated everything the Kirozuka had done to make the Hatakeyama have the place in the ninja world it did, he also promised her after everything was over, that he would use his new role in the family to insure that the Kirozuka were given the respect and power they deserved. Because of his words Haruka's views towards him changed, she humbly accepted his words and returned to the village with him. For the next few month Haruka and Shigeyasu grew quite fond of each others company and began a relationship with plans to marry after the feud with the Ashikaga had ended.

Rebirth of the Kirozuka clan and the sons Sasaki and Musashi

3 years after the backfire against the Ashikaga Shingoku passed a law in honor of his son's new found love stating that a new jutsu must be casted upon the members of the Kirozuka insuring that that they will no longer be looked at as lesser beings. The success of this jutsu development was when a member of the Kirozuka voluntarily allowed himself to be the living experiment of the jutsu, and to everyones surprise the jutsu was a success. His name was Sasaki Kirozuka, he was able to breed the new generation of Kirozuka being able to fly on the backs of their crows and become more like the Crow with the help of special jutsu. He was seen as a hero among the clan and in time grew to become Shigeyasu's closest friend. During this time Shigeyasu made Haruka promise that she would no longer continue being a Shinobi, he did not want to risk her getting into any danger and being that the Ashikaga wanted revenge and by now had enough time to re-mobilize, he did not think he would live. As the law was passed all the females of the Kirozuka were effected by the jutsu allowing Sasaki's success to pass on among their children. Only a year after this was done Shingoku was dead and the clan was in the hands of Shigeyasu permanently. As Shigeyasu the Ashikaga wanted revenge for his actions and declared war against the Hatakeyama and Kirozuka. However the newly evolved Kirozuka combined with the might of the Hatakeyama proved too strong for even the Ashikaga's legendary power, The battle went on for months and it would seem at this time that the end was just a myth that the combatants could dream of, but on one final mission that would decide the war something happened. In desperation the Ashikaga pulled a new jutsu that ended wiping out most of the Hatakeyama as well as new breed Kirozuka clan. Because of this jutsu's horrid casualties which ended up taking the life of Sasaki and many others, Shigeyasu grew a resentment towards the feeling of battle, he began to hate bloodshed but he knew that if he was to return to Haruka back home who at this time was worried about Shigeyasu, he knew he had to change. From that point of the war on he became very calm losing the happy little grin that he used to display and became serious but still hated the thought of violence because of the trauma he had. Shiegyasu with completely new person lead the forces to victory and returned back to Haruka, and keeping to his promise the two were married at the ages of 16 and 17. A little ways after Haruka's bithday she became pregnant with a son by Shigeyasu, the two of them agreed that the first son, be named Sasaki in honor of the hero and friend who had passed in battle, they also saw it fit that this be his name being that he was their first child since the new jutsu was cast upon Haruka. A month after the birth of Sasaki Shigeyasu had taken the role as Raikage and in congratulations for this he was presented with the Cane Sword by the Kirozuka family, the one which previously belonged to Kirohito, as a way for the Kirozuka to pledge their loyalty to under him for being the leader that helped changed their lives. 2 years later Haruka had another son and he was named Musashi after the blade that signaled peace among the clan and the noble family. Years later as the boys grew up Haruka saw much of her personality before her love for Shigeyasu in her elder son Sasaki as he was always trying to be the best and wanted to become strong above everything and much of Shigeyasu's kindness within the second son Musashi. She raised the two lovingly and cherished both her children deeply as she saw the future of the family and clan within the two. Unlike her two sons Haruka Crow would not grow large enough for her to ride as she was one of the few who had already grown before the jutsu was cast, Also the fact that Shigeyasu wanted her no longer to be a shinobi made her not bother to use the jutsu on herself, instead she allowed it to be passed down to her two sons.

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PostSubject: Re: Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)   Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:09 pm

I thought we said no more starting above E-rank.
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PostSubject: Re: Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)   Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:23 pm

This is basically an NPC. A plot only character, its fine.

Approved, btw, amazing history.


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PostSubject: Re: Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)   

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Haruka Kirozuka - Kumogakure Retired Chunin (NPC)
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