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 List of Doton (Earth) Element Jutsu

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PostSubject: List of Doton (Earth) Element Jutsu   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:11 pm

The jutsus listed below are all under the Doton element.Doton jutsu focus more on defense and support but have few offensive techniques. Remember when training a jutsu to copy and paste the jutsu you will be training. It is expected that the right amount of effort be put into each jutsu.


Doton: Doryuuheki - Earth Release: Earth Rising Wall
Requirement:Dotonas first element
This high level technique requires no hand seals and is used as a strong defense against Ninjutsu attacks that directly target the user in physical contact. The user is able to spew mud from their mouth onto the ground in front of them and use their chakra to form a mountain from the mud. The Mountain is able to defend against most attacks and extremely durable, the mountain can also be used for hiding if needed and will not dispel even if the user is unable to control the chakra deposited into it's creation.

Doton: Doruki Gaeshi - Earth Land Flip
Requirement:Doton As first element.
This jutsu requires no hand seals to perform but an immense level of chakra control. The user is able to slam their hands onto the ground using the chakra of their hands to move a ground plate from the earth flipping into a wall that is completely controlled by their chakra. The wall is not very durable and can be destroyed with a few attacks but the wall can be destroyed by the user and pieces of the wall are able to be controlled. The user must remain with their hands to the ground to maintain control of the wall or the jutsu will be canceled and the wall will crumble.

Saretsu - Earth Release: Eruption
Type: Offense/Defense/Support
Requirement:Exceptional chakra control, Doton as first element
This powerful jutsu is comprised of more hand seals than all other Doton jutsu. It allows the user once they have performed the respective hand seals, to release an extensive amount of chakra into the land around them. The user must remain stationary when this technique is performed. The jutsu will allow the user full elemental control over the ground in which they are engaging, allowing the movement of parts of the earth for their own personal offense. The jutsu can also be used for defense from oncoming attacks. This jutsu will last a maximum of 5 posts and will consume vast amounts of chakra for each ability used from the earth. Effects on the land done by this jutsu will not return to normal once the jutsu is dispelled.

Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu - Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Rank: C
Type: Offense/Support
Requirement: none
This technique allows it's user the ability to stealthily move under a light surface of the ground without being detected by the enemy. Once under the enemy the user is able to drag the opponent down under the ground to their head. The opponent will be immobilized momentarily until they are able to break free from the technique, this also allows for easy targeting to the head of an opponent for the duration of their capture. Skilled Shinobi can use the substitution technique to evade this fate however.

Doton: Gansetsukon - Earth Release: Rock Staff
Rank: D
Type: Offense
Requirment: none
This jutsu allows the user after performing the respective hand seals to create a staff for combat use out of rocks from the earth. The staff is durable and will not break unless the user is unable to manually supply chakra to the staff (As long as they can hold it). This jutsu's staff's components or additional add ons are all under the users control as long as chakra is offered for the additional rock parts added.

Doton: Yomi Numa - Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Rank: A
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
By changing the surface of an object (ground, ceiling, wall, etc.) beneath an enemy (relative to them) into mud and creating a small swamp through chakra, the user can sink his/her enemy into the mud. The adhesive, chakra-infused mud ensnares the enemy's body, making it almost impossible to recover one's strength and escape from there. The size and depth of the created swamp depends on the user's skill and the amount of chakra used, but if the user is an expert in this technique, it will always be possible to make a fair-sized swamp which is extremely effective against a great number of enemies or having to face gigantic creatures. The technique can also be used on a smaller scale to trap individual foes.

Doton: Ganchūrō no Jutsu - Earth Release: Earth Pillar Prison
Type: Support
This jutsu at the cost of no hand seals and a fair amount of chakra creates a large amount of rock pillars from under ground. They can then be controlled to surround their opponent and create a bamboo-like thicket of rock.

Doton: Doryūdan - Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet
Requirement: Doton as first element, Earth Release: Earth Flow River
When used with Earth Release: Earth Flow River, this technique can create a dragon-like head to fire concentrated mud at an opponent. The same chakra used in the Earth Release: Earth Flow River will be used to create the dragon .This can also be combined with a fire technique to shoot lava toward an opponent.

Doton: Doryū Taiga - Earth Release: Earth Flow River
Requirement: Doton as first element
This jutsu after the respective hand seals are formed. Can transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud to throw them off balance.

Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu - Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Rank: D
Type: Support
Requirement: none
This technique changes earth into fine sand by channeling chakra into it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. The user can pinpoint where they are, despite being underground, by sensing the magnetic forces. They can also sense what is happening on the surface and use that information to launch a surprise attack on the enemy.One can also hide deep in the ground, escaping to a depth where the enemy can't reach.

Doton: Doryū Jōheki - Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart
Rank: B
Type: Support/Offense
Requirement: Strong chakra control
This technique when the respective hand seals are performed makes a gigantic rampart rise up beneath the user's feet, by shaping the ground and increasing the amount of earth with chakra. Depending on what the user imagines, the shape of the rampart can be anything from level ground to a steep, needle-like mountain. If the user increases the volume of earth too much, he/She can be forced to keep his chakra consumption down.

Iwa no Yoroi - Stone Armor
Type: Defense
Requirement: Doton as first element.
This technique makes earth-chakra flow through the body, absorbing the properties of stone around the user to form a skin-deep armor that is transparent and is only visible when light reflects off it. Despite encasing the user’s body, the armor has no apparent affect on the user’s speed or agility. The armor is able to defend from all forms of blunt-force trauma. At the same time, it enhances the user's strength for more powerful physical strikes and break free or through restraints and walls. Because this jutsu works by constantly absorbed earth properties, it requires no extra chakra after initiating it, yet still needs a sufficient amount of stone to be performed. While powerful, it is highly absorbent and too much water will eventually affect the user’s mobility and reduce its defensive might. Also if in a muddy terrain, the user’s excess weight can lead to sinking.

Doton: Doryūsō - Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears
Rank: C
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
This technique at the cost of no hand seals,lets the user condense mud or stone, from the ground, and shape them into spikes that will protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

Doton: Ganban Kyū - Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Rank: C
Type: Offense
Requirement: none
When the respective hand seals are performed, this jutsu allows the user to control multiple sections of rock in an environment around them. The technique allows the user to move them around their opponent. The user then forms two gigantic sections that crush the opponent.
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List of Doton (Earth) Element Jutsu
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