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 Musashi Hatakeyama

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PostSubject: Musashi Hatakeyama   Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:34 am

    Name: Musashi Hatakeyama
    Age: Thirteen
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 131lbs

    Musashi's most recognizable feature is his attire is his hair. His attire is that of a very traditional kimono-like garb worn by noblemen of all places, the design is colored a very light teal, similar to cyan in color; the kimono has many designs and workings across it, adding expense and appeal. tied around his neck is a long teal scarf, made of terribly expensive silk, and he adores wooden sandals instead of traditional ninja sandals. Musashi has a single long white and unruly bang in which most people have come to identify him by as it resembles the hair color of his father.

    Musashi's scarf has a secret purpose, the petals of his kekkai genkai rest on it while he isn't battling, giving it a very shining and rich appearence. The petals are stuck to the scarf by the chakra that normally spreads them around the user, so they will not fall with disturbance unless the chakra begins to spread them again.

    Race: Japanese
    Hair: Obsidian, Wild White Bang
    Eyes: Ghostly Blue
    Body: Atheletic
    Ethnicity: Kumo no Sato

    A lot of his fathers personality has rubbed off on Musashi. Having great respect for justice and the rules of society Musashi is well known for his manners and polite way of speaking. It is not unheard of to consider Musashi the same as his father on these terms, but too select few they can find the difference quite drastic. Musashi's entire persona is based off of trying to please his father, he does everything and everything to be made proud of, no matter the cost. And is easily upset when he fails a task or is not recognized for an accomplishment. Musashi's way in battle ranges from calm and calculating to extremly emotional and angered, although the latter is harder to find.

    Village: Kumogakure
    Title: Genin
    Special Titles:
    Missing Ninja Class:

    Karma: 0
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Renown: 0

    Rank: E-Rank
    Experience Points: 0
    Bloodline: Kirozuka, Hatakeyama Family
    Element: Raiton
    Fighting Type/Style: Ninjutsu Mastery
    Sub Fighting style: Ijutsu (Medical Ninjutsu)
  • Pet: Gin (Demon Crow)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Shuriken x10
  • Fumma Shuriken x2

    Kekkai Genkai:

    Raiton: Blessed Petals
    Requirement: Must be born of Kumogakure
    Description: The legendary Chakra rose petals created by the Hatakeyama family. These white petals constantly blow around the wielder's body so long as he/she has Chakra in their body. The petals act as amplifiers for Raiton based attacks giving a 30% boost to all Raiton techniques. The petals are made of a highly conductive metal, and are kept in their graceful motion by the magnetic pulse the user's Raiton Chakra produces.

    Combat Styles:

    Bloodline Limits:

    Saisei wo Kanseishi 再生を完成しました - Perfected Rebirth
    Rank: N/A
    Requirement: Born into the Kirozuka clan.
    Description:This ability is the bonding link of the user and crow allowing each of them to pass off reserves of chakra to one another. Being that the Crow also contains it's own chakra network like the owner, the Crow will always have reserves of chakra being that it takes the user to use the jutsu which would cause the crow to exhaust any. In such the user and crow are able to lend chakra to each other in order to insure the other is back on their feet. This can be most useful as it would be a great way to replenish if a technique exhausts the user. The ability is also risky as it has no restrictions on how much chakra can be taken from the donor, if too much is taken the user can risk depleting their donor.

    Nijuu no Seishin 二重の精神 - Double Psyche
    Rank: N/A
    Requirement: Born of Kirozuka clan.
    Description:This ability allows the user to always know the location of their crow at all times and grants separate sub abilities, a certain bond shared by the two. The user as well as the crow is also able to know when the other is in pain, what the other wants them to do without speaking out formally (In cases the user will understand the caws of the crow), the ability for the user to see through the eyes of their crow at any given time, as well as retain memories collected by the crow even if they are in two different locations. in skilled cases the user is able to allow the crow to gather chakra in placement of themselves in order to perform jutsu. A perfect ability that made the Kirozuka so well known in their rebirth.

    Jutsu Total: 0
  • Kawarmi
  • Henge
  • Bunshin

    Missions Completed:
  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
  • Total:

    At a time of great challenge and strife for the Kurozuka clan it was decided that they were to marry and be subserviant of the Hatakeyama Family in Kumogakure no Sato. Musashi is a direct result of this new lineage, being born of his Kurozuka mother and the current Raikage of the village, Shigeyasu Hatakeyama.

    Musashi and his older brother (both of the same mother) were given as traditional with the Kurzuka, a Crow at a young age, this crow is imprinted with the owner, and as the two grow together they become like one entity in terms of a fighting force. Musashi's crow is named Gin (trans. Silver), a reference to the place he has always felt to his father and brother, never able to achieve they're level. Gin constantly strives to prove himself worthy of his fathers affection, but also strives to overtake his brother in terms of power, and show him what it means to be a Hatakeyama.

    His life as a child was filled with luxury being the son of a Kage, but no pampering. He was not given any advantage over others as he grew, nor would he ever realize he could have been. Musashi was raised a ninja, taken into the academy a year early by order (Following in jealousy of his older brother), and without need of private tutoring excelled in every class, at all times. Musashi was overtaken by a student once during his entire duration of Shinobi training in the area of Taijutsu, to clear his name even as a child he challenged the boy to a showdown, and as they fought in the schoolgrounds all the students came to realize Musashi's determination as his true weapon. The boy found himself outcast after the fight; no longer having friends, and no longer needing them. Musashi trained during his off hours, and when graduation day came he appeared only to recieve his headband, and skipped celebration to continue training. Musashi left the village of Kumogakure without the consent of his father and without telling is older brother to continue training his ninja way, he hoped his father would approve so long as he showed progress.

    Musashi's time spen abroad wound him being critically injured at a point, and during his recovery he began to marvel at Ijutsu techniques used to keep him alive. Since then he had learned the art of Ijutsu, should the need ever arise to save another, himself, even his beloved companion. Musashi now returns to his home village at the age of thirteen, still young as a shinobi he hopes to prove himself more than capable of becomming a great Shinobi, like his father.


"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
- Mark Twain
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Lady Chemical
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PostSubject: Re: Musashi Hatakeyama   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:04 am

I approve ^^

Edit: Added Pet for Easy Reference -

Name: Gin (trans. Silver)
Age: 11 (Eleven)
Gender: Female
Height: Currently 6 Feet
Weight: One-hundred Ninety-six Pounds.

Appearance: Very normal crow appearance, similar to Musashi Gin has a long white unruly feather hanging from the back of her head, this feather is a perfect resemblance to the Hatakeyama Families regular white hair.

Race: Demon Crow
Hair: Feathers
Eyes: Black
Body: Healthy

Level/Rank: E
Type: Pet
Contract: None

Main/Favored Weapon: Talons, Beak
Element: Raiton
Fighting Type/Style: Taijutsu Primary, Ninjutsu Primary
Starting Inventory:

Gin is a perfect companion, always willing to sacrifice herself for her companion and master Musashi. Gin is noble and defiant of change, although her speech is only ever heard by Musashi, it seems to emit a rather serious tone, much more than that of the boy she follows.

Kekkei Genkai:



Gin was given to Musashi at the age of two, although just a chick then they have grown together as each others best friends. They trust eachother with their lives and will be until he last day of existence.

Princess Chemical <3

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PostSubject: Re: Musashi Hatakeyama   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:08 am

Then perhaps you could lock and move me xD


"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
- Mark Twain
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PostSubject: Re: Musashi Hatakeyama   

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Musashi Hatakeyama
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