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 Returning home (Open)

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PostSubject: Re: Returning home (Open)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:14 pm

[[ Edited because no one understands anything ]]

Riku landed and asked Ayame to end the fight.

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PostSubject: Re: Returning home (Open)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:51 pm

Ayame was indeed impressed with the speed shown by Riku, at this point she wasn't going to freak out from seeing him move with this great speed so instead she focused her attention to the giant spill of water on the mat on the further end of the room. Instantly once again her jutsu Suiton: Suitenhōfutsu - Water Release: Water Sky Convergence, began to take effect once more sending a stream of water her way almost as though it predicted the point of appearance to Riku. It had managed to be dead on with it's prediction as Riku appear directly behind her sending his sword to strike her on her neck, however with perfect timing the water just managed to make it to him in time.

Due to his movement the water was able to move over his right wrist taking hold frimly like a binding whip in the defense of Ayame. The water's source slowly but steadily moved through the mat voming closer and closer to Ayame until it was right infront of her. Ayame walked over getting her feet wet in the water that came to her aid, while doing this she looked at her hand in which the same seal placed on Riku was replicaed. This time the seal on her hand was red almost like it was reacting to her will, the energy of the seal would begin to slowly merge with the body of Riku, Ayame spoke out to him almost commending him for his actions as she said.
"That was a possibly very wise strategy...If the source of my jutsu strength came from me, This technique is a very slow and effective process that doesn't need me to constantly give chakra so harming me will do you no good Tensei..Once the process starts your going to get stronger and stronger without stop, this seal will only be canceled through one means, and that means you'll know soon enough."

Ayame smiled a little cockily at Riku this time forcing her water bind to grip a little tighter as she knew the grip would not hold for long as he would be able to easily break it once the effects of the seal kick in. Ayame allowed the water to take her back a little as she needed enough distance for when the seal took effect. The referee was astounded with the words Ayame said and the crowds attention now completely fixed on the Mizukage wondered exactly what was going to happen in the sense of his strenght. Was he going to actually become as strong as Ayame spoke? And if so how would this fare for Ayame in the long run. The crowd wondered now exaclty what type of ninja she really was, to have a technique with such a great risk.

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Returning home (Open)
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